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Riviera Maya, Mexico

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Riviera Maya Shopping

While shopping in Riviera Maya, one can discover the variety and wealth of Mexican goods.  Among the vast array of handicrafts for sale, visitors will marvel in their typical display of bright colors and creative designs. 

Specialty Shops
Riviera Maya shopping is about exploring and coming up with lots of treasures to bring back home.  At the Oshun Gift Shop, you must remain calm and patiently browse through the selection of hand made jewelry and beach wear.  It’s located in a scenic spot outside Akumal. 

Continuing with your discovery of amazing merchandise, don’t miss Riviera Maya shopping at Lxchel Boutique.  They stock fabulous beach wear, towels, t-shirts and accessories.  But they also carry a unique line of ocean related perfumes and candles.  Sea breezes, sunset and calm waters are among the favorites. 

An excellent location for buying local arts and crafts is the famed Mexico Maya Gift Shop.  It stocks cotton hammocks, sarongs, traditional folk dance dresses, sombreros, sarapes and clothes.  If you’re looking to be comfortable while visiting and Riviera Maya shopping, this is the place for you. 

And if you see a pink colored hut with colorful roof tiles, make sure to go in and say hello.  The owner is not only friendly, but she’ll also guide you through every display.  We’re referring to the MexicArte Galeria.  You won’t find more original art anywhere else.  It features the works of local and regional talent. 

Art lovers will not be disappointed either when browsing through Galeria Lamani Arts and Crafts.  It’s been said that it boasts some of the best works throughout Mexico.  They carry an excellent stock of fine jewelry made with turquoise, lapis lazuli and opal.  Most of it has been designed into silver and pewter settings giving it an antique look.  Gold pieces in the shapes of Mayan icons are also available and very popular among the tourists. 

You’ll also want to try the Mayan liqueur known as Xtabentum.  You’ll find that stores like Super Chomak sell it at better cost than at large stores. 

Open Air Markets
Akumal is the best place to find these types of markets for Riviera Maya shopping.  They’re set along the coastline and offer excellent bargains.  They’re ideal locations for purchasing local arts, hammocks, blankets and pottery.  Haggling is accepted and expected. 

The Farmers Market of Akumal is open Wednesdays and Saturdays of every week.  They sell the freshest produce as well as gifts.  If you’re planning a picnic or a special outdoor activity, this is the perfect place to buy your meal preparations.  Prices are cheap and usually better than those of the supermarkets.

Luxury Shopping
If you’re looking for fashionable and trendy, you’re better off Riviera Maya shopping at the luxury resorts.  On the top of the list is La Tienda located inside the Tides.  They sell everything from furnishings to plush robes, fine linens, colorful crafts and stylish resort wear.  They also carry beautiful guayaberas.  These are men’s shirts worn usually during the evening in tropical climates. 



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