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Rome, Italy

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Rome Dining

Dining in Rome will present recipes as ancient as the ruins. Meals customarily include three courses: pasta, a meat dish, and a dessert. And don’t forget the wine. Italy boasts some of the world’s finest vineyards. It would be a shame not to pair your meal with the perfect glass of vino.  Roman chefs are certainly not one dimensional. They adopt and often perfect the Italian styles of Venice and Florence, providing a truly diverse culinary experience. Most restaurants in Rome have two pricing systems. One for eating at the bar (called Al Banco), another for dining at a table (called a tavola). Tip: For lower priced meals, eat at the bar. This will also ensure a great selection of Panini sandwiches.

Formal Ristorantes: La Terrazza

There are plenty of high end restaurants in Rome offering Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Our favorite is La Terrazza’s flawless food and equally panoramic view of St. Peter’s Basilica (located at Via Ludovisi 9). Dining here will ensure exceptional service without an air of intimidation. We suggest you start with the lobster medallion with apple puree and black truffles, and follow with an entrée of sea bass with a baked black olive and salt crust. Tip: Most Romans do not dine before 9 in the evening. Keep that in mind when making reservations or planning your dinners.

Tip: For a more affordable meal, look at least a few blocks from each well known tourist attraction. Even restaurants with sub-par food get away with charging astronomical prices.

Opt for a Trattoria

Less formal that a ristorante, trattoria dining offers a casual environment and low prices. Choose your meal from a select few options, as many of these restaurants do not print menus. For our pick, look a few streets off the beaten path near Trevi Fountain for the warm welcome of Hostaria Romana Ristorante (located at Via del Boccaccio 1). Step inside and enjoy the playful banter and sing-song mannerisms of the wait staff as they serve you the best of Rome’s traditional Italian cuisine. Whether you choose pasta carbona, homemade ravioli, or their famed osso buco, the only disappointment you’ll experience is being too full for another bite. When you finish eating, express your gratitude by writing a short sentiment on the restaurant walls. We dare you to find a crayon-free spot!

Roman Street Food: Italian Pizza, Roasted Porchetta and much more!

For a quick meal with true Roman authenticity, you can’t miss the amazing street food. Try a slice of Italian pizza, roasted porchetta (pork) sandwiches, or fried balls of rice, tomatoes, cheese and peas called suppli’. Each one is a savory can’t miss. Our favorite stand is Pizzaria Minerva, located just next to the Pantheon. Grab a snack and find a seat around the monument, where you can take in the site and the tourists alike. And who can pass up gelato? Italian ice cream tempts you at every turn on the cobblestone streets of central Rome.

Tip: Try the traditional hazelnut or pistachio flavors.


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