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Rome, Italy

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Rome Overview

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. What a great motto for your Roman vacation as the Romans have done so many things worth your notice. Home of one of the world’s greatest ancient civilizations, Rome quietly boasts as a leading travel destination for sights, food, art and shopping. Rome’s Mediterranean roots date back to the eighth century BC, enchanting lovers and sightseers alike and proving history to be its biggest draw. Monuments stand as remnants of the Roman Empire, all of them architectural wonders seething with artistic flair.

Join the throngs of visitors as you wander into the crowded piazza where the Trevi fountain splashes happy greetings. Or take your lover by the hand, find a hidden piazza deep within the cobblestone labyrinth of the city, and sip Chianti as your heart beats in time with the history around you. Let it beat with the calm reassurance of the pagans who worshipped the deities of ancient Rome at the Pantheon. Or add some adrenaline and let it beat as furious as the gladiators who fought to victory at the Coliseum. For travelers both old and young Rome captures your heart and fills your mind with unforgettable images that become part of your own living history.


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