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Rome, Italy

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Rome Shopping

Shoppers come to Rome for the Italian fashion, jewelry, antiques and leather. Italian leather is some of the best in the world, and Rome offers hundreds of stores where you’ll find pieces so butter-soft you’ll want to replace your pillow with your newly purchased leather handbag!

Tip: When shopping, keep in mind that many Roman stores are closed between 1 and 4 pm daily.

Designer Powerhouses
Any fashion-savvy individual will tell you that Italy is home to some of the world’s greatest fashion designers. While most of their work is created in Milan, Rome is a principle distribution center for the Italian designers. Not scared of high prices? Visit two parallel streets off Piazza di Spagna for the most prestigious shopping that Rome has to offer. Via Condotti is home to Valentino, Gucci, Prada, Armani and Max-Mara. Find the rest of Italy’s designers on Via Borgognona, including Versace and Dolce & Gabbana.

Tip: If you’re interested in where the Italian fashion designers go for their world renowned fabrics, visit Bassetti Tessuti in Rome’s historic center. This textile powerhouse holds nearly 200,000 bolts of fabric in every shade and texture imaginable. Walk through two stories of cloth lined isles and select swatches of fabrics that suit your Italian fancy.

More Affordable Finds
A handful of leather stores and stylish boutiques offer Italian treasures for more affordable prices on Via Nazionale. Stop in one of these stores and buy yourself a great pair of Italian shoes to enhance your sightseeing adventures. Tip: Watch out when crossing this ultra busy street, traffic here is terrible.

Looking for a Roman treasure with some history? Try Porta Portese, Rome’s largest flea market. Open every Sunday morning, hundreds of vendors peddle their products, and are willing to bargain. Even if you leave empty handed, the cultural experience isn’t something to miss.

Edible Treasures
Franchi is a gourmet grocery store we highly suggest you stop in if you plan to bring home some Parmigiano cheese, dry porcini mushrooms, coffee beans or other Italian culinary delicacies. When your shopping is through, stay for a bite to eat or take a meal to go. This store is a feast for both the stomach and the eyes. Tip: If you want to bring edible goods home, ask for “sotto vuoto” and they will vacuum pack your selections for you.


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