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Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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Salt Lake City Attractions

Salt Lake City attractions allow visitors to gain insight into America’s past.   Take a trip back into the days of pioneer settlements, religious establishments and a rich cultural heritage. 

Among the most important Salt Lake City attractions is the Utah State Capital Building.  You’ll find this lovely structure to be a perfect example of Renaissance design.  If you walk through the rotunda room, you’ll get the chance to see murals depicting life in the state.  Most importantly, you’ll have the most amazing vistas anywhere in the city.  You can see as far as Wasatch and Oquirrh Mountains and the Great Salt Lake. 

You don’t want to forego a tour through Temple Square.  It’s the site of the Tabernacle known for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  And sitting nearby is the grandiose Mormon Temple built in 1853 and inaugurated by Brigham Young.  Its six spires took forty years to complete and were made from a material similar to granite.  They feature an array of styles closely resembling gothic architecture.  The main church is filled with symbolism throughout.  At the top is the “all seeing eye,” referring to the God who sees everything. 

If you’re a movie enthusiast, chances are you’ve seen the Heber Valley Historic Railroad.  It’s appeared on more than thirty films though the last few years.  The train itself dates to 1899 when it transported the early pioneers to settle in the region.  Today it’s one of the fun Salt Lake City attractions frequented by travelers who come to enjoy snow tubing and skiing.

You don’t have to be religious to appreciate the Cathedral of the Madeline.  This majestic landmark comprised of two huge towers presents a Romanesque front together with imponent gargoyles and gorgeous stained glass windows.  The interior chambers, however, are from another style though mostly gothic.  It’s one of the Salt Lake City attractions you should not miss.  And if you’re around on a Sunday, enjoy the musical notes that come from the Eccles organ.  They’re worth the visit.   

To truly learn of Utah’s history, don’t miss the Pioneer Memorial Museum.  It houses the biggest collection of memorabilia from the days of the country’s early settlers.  If you walk through the underground bridge, you get to see wagons and street cars once pulled by mules.  Other exhibits include dolls, time pieces and art as well as personal items belonging to Brigham Young.

Art enthusiasts will also marvel in the beauty of Utah’s Museum of Fine Arts.  Every item showcased is a testament to the creativity and talent of local artists.  Make time to stop by the gift shop if you’d like to get a coffee table book.

Fort Douglas Military Museum is another establishment that attracts tourists.  It’s located at the University and listed on the Registry of National Historic Places.  Aside from the gallery of artifacts there’s a library, workshop and a park.  You can see tanks and cannons.  If you’ve always wanted to climb aboard a battleship don’t miss the USS Utah Exhibit. 


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