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Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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Salt Lake City Overview

Salt Lake City is known for astounding religious sites and breathtaking scenery.  But did you know that this U.S city has as many award winning restaurants as a major cosmopolitan destination?  If you happen to choose it as your next vacation destination, you’ll even have the opportunity to attend Broadway shows.  These attractions and more are available on your next trip to Utah’s state capital. 

Salt Lake City’s Wasatch Mountains offer beautiful scenery and an array of activities for those who cherish the outdoors.  In summer, you can go on nature trail walks, mountain biking or hiking.  During winter, there’s plenty of snow to make skiing and snowboarding a delight.  And if you head toward the Great Salt Lake you’ll marvel in what’s been referred to as “America’s Dead Sea.” 

Salt Lake City has a wide selection of attractions for every interest.  It’s the headquarters of the internationally renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Mormon Temple.  The latter is an example of the city’s exquisite architecture.  When you see it you understand why the six-spire church that took forty years to build attracts visitors from around the globe.  You’ll also agree that other historical landmarks like the Roman Catholic Cathedral are inspiring as well.  But if you’re into sports, make a point of stopping by the Delta Center where the Utah Jazz basketball team plays.  And it’s guaranteed that if you’re a nature lover you’ll find the array of parks very enjoyable.  

Salt Lake City is definitely for travelers who enjoy cultural events.  There are venues dedicated to professional theater and musical concerts of Blues and rock’n roll.  The Utah Symphony Orchestra has gained much recognition around the globe and offers year round performances.  Ballet and modern dance enthusiasts will not be left out.  The University’s Music Department puts on world-class shows.

Festivals are also a big part of the city’s life.  At the Arts Fest for instance, tourists have 130 booths to meander through which display paintings, sculptures and other forms of expression.  It’s also host to the Bicycling Marathon and other important happenings like the Winter Olympics.   

The restaurant scene is another feature to rave about.  Award winners are everywhere.  They’re casual eateries and elegant establishments.  They’re places to savor mouthwatering steaks, sublime seafood, authentic American regional cuisine and even international flavors.  There’s not much you won’t find.   

Salt Lake City will impress avid shoppers.  Malls and boutiques not only showcase the latest fashion.  They offer unique buying opportunities for items not found elsewhere.  At the Native American Trading Post for example you’ll find Indian quilts, jewelry and footwear.  You can even obtain true western wear and horse riding equipment as well as antiques and rare edition literature.  And if you’re a fan of any team, you can shop for caps and jerseys at one of the largest venues in the country.

Come and reminisce about the days in which intrepid pioneers arrived by wagons.  Witness a rich legacy and ravel in the area’s beauty.  Visit the great capital of Utah.        



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