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San Jose, Costa Rica

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San Jose Dining

Being the cultural center of Costa Rica and acting as and a launching pad for both tourists and business travelers, dining in San Jose offers a wide variety of excellent food for any budget. A must-order in every eating establishment you frequent (no matter what scale) is the coffee. One of Costa Rica’s main exports, you’ll find coffee prepared in various traditional ways all across San Jose.

Costa Rican cuisine is fairly basic and simple but dining in San Jose offers visitors an incredible variety of restaurants offering cuisine from around the world with excellent food at relatively low prices. Additionally, being that Costa Rica is known overall for their hospitality, service at local restaurants is friendly and professional.

A unique dining experience
If you’re looking to experience something a bit out of the ordinary, try eating in one of the many “Miradores” in San Jose. Miradores are hanging restaurants situated on the side of a volcano and provide for a breathtaking backdrop of volcanic mountains, set inside a long and lush valley. These restaurants are known particularly for their views and it’s especially recommended to come at night. These dining in San Jose spots offer a more simple yet still-tasty cuisine at affordable prices. Most of the time you can expect to find live music and a nice mix of both tourists and natives.

Two of the most popular Miradores restaurants are Le Monestère and La Cava Grill. Le Monestère is actually a beautiful converted church and offers delicious and authentic French cuisine in one of the best locations of the area. La Cava Grill provides a slightly less formal atmosphere with essentially the same breathtaking background and live music most nights of the week (usually folk-pop or jazz).

Upscale Treasure
Try the higher end San Jose dining at the Park Café in the Grano de Oro neighborhood. It is a spectacularly beautiful restaurant, situated inside the interior courtyard of a furniture store specializing in antiques and imported pieces. The setting is something out of a fairy tale, impeccable settings surrounded by immaculate gardens and the inside areas bright and airy filled with distinctive works of art and timeless pieces of history.

The Park Café specializes in international cuisine and the food is delicious and distinctive. Prices range from $10 - $100 (compared to traditional western prices, this high-end restaurant offers an absolute bargain). Even if you’re stretching your budget slightly, you must try this restaurant. Note that reservations are necessary.

Variety and Value
The neighborhoods of Escazu and Santa Ana are known for their variety of affordable and delightful culinary options ranging from local “sodas” (similar to American diners) to authentic Italian cuisine. This location’s buzz and popularity make it also a difficult arena for a newcomer restaurant and there are new spots popping up all the time, hoping to last. A few places to visit in these regions are Santa Ana Tex Mex (the name says it all) and Essentia (Latin fusion), currently one of the hottest spots in town.

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