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Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

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Santa Fe Attractions

Santa Fe not only boasts a high concentration of beautiful sites, it also offers an outstanding variety of galleries and museums to visit.  But when you feel you’ve had enough of history and art, you can retreat to the serenity and beauty of nature.  Santa Fe attractions have it all. 

Historic Landmarks
Santa Fe claims to be home to the oldest house in the United States.  The structure, located at 215 East De Vargas Street, was constructed in 1646 by a European man.  It’s been linked to ghost legends and much mystery and it’s a fun and mysterious place to visit.

If you’re keen on extraordinary architecture, then the New Mexico State Capital is the right place for you.  It was built to mimic the Zia Native American sun symbol and it stands as a great example of southwest and neoclassical design and today houses the State’s legislature. 

Another of Santa Fe attractions worth a visit is the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi.  Construction began in 1869 and it was completed in 1886.  You won’t want to miss the rose window or the 12 Apostles scene in the back area.  This Catholic Church boasts a unique Romanesque revival style as represented in the Corinthian columns.

The Loretto Chapel is famous for its spiral staircase.  Its design is not only exceptional but said to be a miracle.  It offers gorgeous stained glass windows and it’s the favorite site for weddings these days.  Many visitors have compared it to the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris. 

And when you see the Palace of Governors, you’ll understand why they’ve described it as one of the best Santa Fe attractions.  It’s the oldest public building continuously used as a governmental office.

Museums and Galleries
The New Mexico Museum of Art housed in a Pueblo revival building boasts 85 years of outstanding exhibits.  It’s home to masterpieces by regional and national artists.  Visitors can view paintings and sculptures. 

Canyon Road Contemporary Art is a famous gallery situated in a historic Manuel Delgado house.  It features a collection of bronze and clay statues, Raku pottery, expressionist and landscape paintings. 
It’s one of the most visited Santa Fe attractions. 

The Institute of American Indian Arts Museum is the only venue in the world to display contemporary Native American arts.  You can browse through galleries of paintings, artifacts, tools and cooking utensils.  It’s a most unique establishment.

And don’t forget to stop by the Wheelright Museum of the American Indian.  It was founded by Mary Cabot in 1937 with the purpose of preserving Navajo traditions. 

Tip:  the museum’s trading post carries a nice selection of jewelry, books and Kachinas.  It’s a great place to buy authentic souvenirs.

The Santa Fe National Forest is a 1.5 million acre wonder and one of the most beautiful Santa Fe attractions.  Its majestic beauty consists of mountains, streams, rivers and wilderness.  Travelers can hike through the Pecos range, fly fish or ski.  And if you’re into mountain climbing, there are trails leading up the 13,000 foot elevation.   


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