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Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

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Santa Fe Overview

Santa Fe has become home to artists who found inspiration in its amazing beauty.  And collectors from around the globe see it as the perfect destination.  Santa Fe is not only the second biggest art market in the United States, but also features a plethora of artistic expression unique to this area.  It boasts magnificent architecture, majestic scenery, gourmet style cuisine and exquisite shopping that attracts more than the just the artist and collector.  Santa Fe is the gem of the New Mexico crown. 

Santa Fe’s landscapes, flora and wildlife have attracted painters, sculptors and writers for a long time.  One of the most famous is Georgia O’Keeffe who exhibits her works throughout the world.  And if you want to find the biggest concentration of galleries all you have to do is visit the city’s bohemian downtown area.  These are central to contemporary, Native American and indigenous art.  And throughout the city’s parks and avenues, visitors can marvel in the sculptures that range from Baroque to modern styles.  Perhaps if you were to see bright yellow trees lined against the blood red walls of the Rocky Mountains, you too would be inspired to create a masterpiece. 

The city’s rich Spanish and Mexican past is represented in the array of icons seen throughout.  Of the most representative are the New Mexico State Capital, the Cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi and the Palace of Governors.  They each offer unique features that both history and architecture buffs will find fascinating.  

Santa Fe’s museums also serve as record keepers and testimonials of the area’s wealth.  The downtown area and Museum Hill is the site of a score of venues offering the best seasonal and permanent displays.  You won’t want miss the New Mexico Museum or the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art. 

Santa Fe also offers the best in music, theater, ballet and opera with seasonal productions.  At the iconic Lensic venue, tourists can enjoy all sorts of events. 

If you’re wondering when to visit, you’ll be happy to know that the weather in Santa Fe is always a delight.  Summers are warm but winters are pleasantly cool.  And with that knowledge, you can plan on spending time enjoying the city’s cultural cornucopia as well as its outdoors.  With a national forest spanning 1.5 million acres, you won’t find crowds when trying to hike, fly fish in the streams, or climb the mountains. 

Southwest cuisine is not only at the heart of New Mexico’s traditions but has become world renowned.  It boasts the best of local flavors with influences from the past.  Among signature dishes visitors can expect to dine on chicken in poblano chile sauce, fresh made corn tortillas, steaks and mouthwatering barbecues.  

And if while on vacation you need to get your shopping fix, Santa Fe is the perfect place to find original Zuni jewelry, pottery, textiles and art.  Shopping malls and outdoor markets grace the city selling international and American brand names.  They’re the ideal relief for a hot summer’s day.  And the array of outlet malls offers great opportunities to save money. 

Don’t miss this most inspiring city of America’s southwest. 




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