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Santiago, Chile

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Santiago Attractions

From historic landmarks to idyllic parks, Santiago attractions are sure to impress.  Learn about the history of this city and Chilean culture at the many museums and galleries showcasing wonderful art.

Religious Icons
There are churches and there are icons boasting unique beauty.  The Basilica del Salvador falls into the latter category with its impressive neo-gothic design that dates back to 1892.  It’s one of the most visited Santiago attractions. 

Another site not to be missed on the list of Santiago attractions is the Metropolitan Cathedral, which was designed by the same architect responsible for the Governmental Palace.  Its opulent altar is a site to behold. 

Museums and Galleries
At the top of the list of Santiago attractions is the Museum of National History.  Visitors can browse through endless displays of documents and photographs from colonial as well as republican times.  There are a number of interesting exhibits of decorative religious objects.  And there’s a section dedicated solely for the weapons and personal effects that once belonged to the heroes of Chile’s liberation. 

Tip:  There’s a small room featuring handicrafts and exquisite jewelry made by the Mapuche Indians.  It’s ideal if you’re interested in learning about the culture of the region’s first inhabitants.

Travelers enjoy the Palacio de la Moneda because of its impressive architecture as well as its opulent interior.  It was completed at the end of the 18th century and once served as the Mint.  Later on it became the official residence of the President.  Today it’s a Santiago attraction of outmost historical importance.

And among the most beloved Santiago attractions is the Chacona House.  This important site belonged to Noble-Prize wining poet Pablo Neruda.  Visitors can tour the home and enjoy the vast collection of objects he amassed throughout his life.  Among these is a bar imported from France and a superb library. 

Art lovers will find the Museum of Contemporary Art an excellent venue for painting and sculpture appreciation.  There are works by established Chilean artists.  And if you continue on to the Museum of Fine Arts, you’ll find a vast collection of European masterpieces as well as a section relating Chile’s development. 

When you visit the Metropolitan Park, you’ll have one word to say and that’s “breathtaking.”  It’s Santiago’s largest park, one of the best Santiago attractions and the ideal place for bicycling, jogging or walking.  At the top of San Cristobal’s Peak, travelers can admire the 45 foot statue of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception.  The summit is easily reachable by funicular, bus or foot.  The vistas from the top make the climb absolutely worth while.  Once up there you can go to the nearby zoo or the swimming pools. 

Of these pools, the most popular is Tupahue, which enjoys a unique setting. As you swim in its refreshing waters, you can marvel in panoramic Santiago. 

Another of the majestic Santiago attractions is Santa Lucia Peak.  If you follow the path once traveled by Charles Darwin, you’ll come across attractive landscapes and a retreat for those who love nature.  You’ll agree that the scenery from the top is beyond magnificent. 


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