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Santiago, Chile

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Santiago Dining

Santiago’s cuisine is varied in style and offerings.  While you can enjoy fresh seafood from the Pacific Ocean, there’s also a selection of signature dishes that are based on lamb, chicken and beef. 

Among the most frequented venues by socialites and visitors alike is Agua.  It has gained its reputation as one of the best places for dining in Santiago by pleasing the most discerning gourmets.  The restaurant’s contemporary interior is as impressive as its list of entrees.  Among them are the king crab, sea bass, steaks and pastas. 

For the best of Chilean cuisine, you’ll find that the sophisticated Infante 51 is one of the best choices for dining in Santiago.  It’s elegant and friendly and the inspiration of a young chef who creates unique dishes using traditional recipes.  It’s truly the classiest of the classiest serving delicacies like sea bass ceviche and Patagonian lamb. 

But if you’re seeking the sophistication of a European setting, you’ll enjoy Carrousel.  This French style restaurant not only offers superb gastronomy, it boasts opulent surroundings and world class service.  You’ll want to try the salmon blini or the toasts with shrimp or eel.  The menu features Chilean favorites as well as an impressive list of regional wines.  Perhaps it’s not the least expensive venue for dining in Santiago, but tourists find that it’s worth the splurge. 

Visitors also enjoy the rich traditions and elegance of the Jockey Club.  They feature authentic Chilean food with influences of other exotic flavors.  If you’re adventurous, you’ll try the bull testicles or tongue in caviar sauce.  If, however, you prefer to stick to what you’re familiar with, the filet of beef is an excellent option. 

Regional Fare
If you find yourself visiting Pablo Neruda’s house, you’ll come across El Meson Nerudiano.  This old mansion is ideal for delighting in the best of Santiago cuisine.  The grilled seafood and meats, pastas with seafood and decadent desserts make this a popular spot for dining in Santiago.   

And for those who love a bargain, you won’t find cheaper or better than Las Vacas Gordas.  It’s nestled in the center of Brazil neighborhood and is usually jam packed with crowds.  But you need not worry as the kitchen help works hard and efficient to ensure nothing less than perfection when you bite into your juicy and tender steak.  And when you see the bill, you’ll wander if there’s a mistake, for it’s incredibly inexpensive.

Don’t miss El Otro Sitio if you want to dine on home-style Chilean fare.  Housed in a colonial setting, it offers classic cooking with budget friendly prices.  Start off with a Pisco sour cocktail and continue on with the spicy chicken.  It’s not too hot but if you’d rather not risk it, the grilled shrimp or bass ceviche are truly superb. 

El Hoyo is another gem for dining in Santiago.  It’s not a large place, but its cozy interior filled with equestrian accents is the ideal establishment to eat local ham, pork chops or baked ribs.



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