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Santiago, Chile

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Santiago Overview

Santiago is one of the most amazing capitals of Latin America.  It boasts outstanding architecture, majestic scenery, excellent shopping opportunities and the best wines on the continent.  This Chilean capital is a perfect vacation destination for the most discerning of travelers. 

There are many reasons why tourists choose to visit Santiago, Chile, and its climate is usually one of them.  The city offers moderate weather characterized by hot summers and cool winter mornings.  There are occasional snowfalls though they’re not very frequent.  This allows for tourists to visit in comfort at any time of the year.  And Santiago is not just a metropolitan location.  It’s also surrounded by the snowcapped Andes Mountains and a coastal range which are ideal places for outdoor activities like hiking, climbing and horseback riding to name a few. 

Santiago’s culinary traditions are an art in itself and attract visitors from all around including locals who come from other parts of Chile.  With seafood varieties coming from the Pacific Ocean, Santiago restaurants serve the freshest and most innovative dishes.  But Santiago is also known for its array of international eateries and bohemian neighborhoods offering cafes and trendy bistros.  And not enough can be said of its night life.  Although most venues provide live entertainment, out-of-towners can dance to the tunes of salsa or pop music at any of the chic nightclubs. 

Santiago is one of the most modern cities in the continent with a vibrant cultural flair and European influence.  This is evident in the beauty of its sites and the wealth of artistic events.  Santiago is home to two symphony orchestras, dozens of museums and galleries, jazz venues and an exhilarating music scene.  It’s another feature that contributes to Santiago’s excellence. 

Among Santiago’s fascinating attractions are important landmarks and historical sites.  There are churches and cathedrals with diverse styles and design.  There are palaces where anyone can learn of the country’s past and traditions.  And to get away from it all, Santiago is home to beautifully landscaped gardens that were modeled after some of the famous parks in Paris.  These are wonderful retreats for long walks, picnics or simply relaxing. 

For those with an eye for great shopping opportunities, they’ll soon find out that Santiago is a cornucopia of opportunities.  Although Santiago is filled with large department stores, malls and markets there are little treasures hidden along the streets of quiet neighborhoods.  These are ideal haunts where tourists can find one of a kind items and specialty Chilean gifts.  Santiago is the place to buy hand woven ponchos, wines, handicrafts and exquisite jewelry made with precious stones.  In Santiago, you can purchase amethyst and lapis lazuli at great prices.  Getting around the city and its environs is not a problem either.  The city boasts one of the best metro systems in South America as well as a well-designed network of inexpensive buses and taxis. 

The list of reasons why to visit Santiago keeps getting longer as tourists find more ways in which to describe their experience. 



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