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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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Santo Domingo Attractions

When you visit the Dominican Republic, make sure to stroll down the streets while taking in centuries of history. It’s an experience you’ll always treasure.

Landmarks and Icons
Begin your discovery in Santo Domingo’s colonial section. The walled city is a collection of monuments that have witnessed the birth of the Americas. This is the site where Christopher Columbus first set foot in the New World. He passed through here again and again on his way to discover other lands.

Among important monuments to visit is the Columbus Lighthouse. It represents the 500th anniversary of Columbus landing in America. The remains of this historical figure rest in a gigantic mausoleum. The mausoleum sits in the center of a massive and impressive cross. You can visit several museums within the lighthouse. You’ll find the displays of artifacts from around the world impressive. These represent the bridging of cultural gaps between 47 nations.

The Columbus Palace is another important part of Dominican Republic attractions. Its architecture is quite unique boasting two opposite styles. One of the styles is Spanish and the second is Italian Renaissance. This 22 room mansion was the residence of Columbus’s son Don Diego and his wife. He was once in charge of the politics and government of the island.

Walk down Street of Ladies. This is another Dominican Republic attraction worth seeing. This was the first cobblestone street built in the New World. Historical monuments and restaurants line both sides.

At the end of this street you’ll find the oldest fortification built. It’s known as Fortaleza Ozama. Its construction was concluded in 1507.

An architectural icon from the 16th century and not to be missed is the House of Bastidas. It’s a beautiful mansion built for Rodrigo de Bastidas. He was said to be the most powerful man in colonial times. A tour of the mansion will give you an insight of the period’s customs.

Of outmost importance among Dominican Republic attractions is Santa Maria La Menor. It was the first cathedral built in this part of the world. It’s a perfect example of Spanish opulence during the Renaissance.

An impressive landmark known as the Tower of Homage looms over the city. It was once a prison, built in the 16th century.

Convents and Churches
Apart from the Cathedral of Santa Maria, Dominican Republic attractions boast beautiful churches and convents worth visiting. Some only have remnants of what they used to be.

The Convent of the Dominicos is site to the first university built in the Americas. Construction began in 1538. It’s an impressive site.

The small church of Altos del Chavon is said to be among the most romantic. It’s the site of weddings and baptisms. It boasts a breathtaking view of the river that crosses La Romana.

Among unusual Dominican Republic attractions is the Magnetic Pole. This is truly bizarre but legend states that in this magical place objects including parked cars seem to roll uphill rather than downhill.
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