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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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Santo Domingo Dining

The cuisine of the Dominican Republic is similar to that of other Latin American countries. It’s a combination of African and Spanish flavors with influences of Taino customs. This is reflected in dishes made with mashed plantains, yucca and rice. Lunch is the most important meal of the day, but you’ll still be able to enjoy delicious offerings at dinnertime as well.

Dining in Dominican Republic is about choices. You can dine in Santo Domingo or travel to any of the surrounding popular spots like Puerto Plata or La Romana.

One of the finest restaurants in Santo Domingo is Meson de la Cava. Its setting is a major attraction. To get to the main dining room, a staircase leads down to a cave. In the cave you can appreciate beautiful stalactite formations. Once you’re seated, the marvelous scents from the kitchen engulf your senses. Sounds of Latin jazz and Merengue fill the air. The food is as divine as the ambience. Grilled rock lobster and conch chowder are among the most ordered dishes.

Another iconic restaurant for dining in Dominican Republic is La Casita. It’s located in La Romana the home to upscale all-inclusive resorts. The walls are adorned by hand-painted tiles brought from Italy. Specialties of the house include grilled salmon and daily made pastas.

Movie buffs will certainly recognize “On the Waterfront.” This restaurant was made famous by Marlon Brando’s 1954 movie bearing the same name. It sits atop a cliff offering diners impressive views. If you’re looking for romantic, this is it. Don’t miss the sole prepared in mild orange mélange or the conch prepared ceviche style. The food is as spectacular as the scenery.

If you take a ride to Punta Cana, you’ll enjoy the sights. Once there, the first place you’ll see is Captain Cook. This beachfront restaurant is casual and relaxed. There are no fancy dishes but you’ll enjoy the freshest seafood. Outdoor grills are always ready for preparing mouthwatering lobsters. This is traditional dining in Dominican Republic.

Giacosta is a renowned Italian eatery in La Romana. Its ambience is reminiscent of a bistro in Florence. The wine list is said to be one of the best. Pastas and Florentine steak are well-liked.

Dominican Republic is a popular destination among writers, artists and politicians. Hemingway’s Café was named after its most famous customer. Its nautical motif interior resembles a Key West bar. The food is mostly Mexican. The chef’s fajitas and chicken quesadillas are lowded as the best.

One of the most impressive landmarks of Santo Domingo is the Plaza Colon. And Pate Palo has opened a wonderful restaurant overlooking the Arcades of the Alcazar. Guitar music accompanies you as you dine on shrimp in sweet and spicy sauce, sea bass or beef brochettes.

Tip: Early reservations will guarantee you a table by the window. Do not miss the delectable custard flambéed with Dominican rum.

Wherever you choose to dine, music and romance will be constants of dining in Dominican Republic.

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