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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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Santo Domingo Shopping

Whoever says that Dominican Republic is simply a beach lover’s paradise has not ventured out shopping. Its array of malls, boutiques and specialty shops proves one more time that Dominican Republic is an amazing destination for gift-hunters.

In this shopper’s paradise you can find unusual gemstones like amber and larimar. Its amber is more transparent and comes in rare smoky tones of red and green. Larimar is a semi-opaque blue stone found in the west.

A visit to L’iIle Au Tressor is a must. The shop is decorated in Pirates of the Caribbean theme. The gemologist can create your own original design within 48 hours. Any stone can be mounted on silver or gold.

If you prefer high end jewelry head to Harrisons in Puerto Plata. You’ll find more traditional and elegant accessories.

Another gem of Dominican Republic shopping is the country’s tobacco industry. You’ll find the largest selection of hand-made cigars boasting names like Romeo & Juliet, Montecristo and Cojimar.

Among the most popular places in the country to shop for these smokes is Cigar King. All types of cigars are displayed in a beautiful cedar room. Temperature is kept to such perfection as to insure freshness.

Don’t miss the Santo Domingo Cigar Club. It’s a great place to enjoy Dominican rum and a cigar. You may also purchase a few boxes to bring home.

Shopping Centers
Dominican Republic shopping boasts large malls with excellent selections of clothing as well as souvenir shops.

The La Galeria complex, located in Punta Cana, is one of the largest in the country. You can find everything from designer shops to small boutiques. The food court offers a variety of Latin flavors from Cuban to Peruvian.

Malecon Center is the latest addition to the family of great shopping centers. It houses 170 shops and large movie theaters. The tower above is a luxurious plaza where famous personalities reside. One of these personalities is baseball player Sammy Sosa.

For a delightful combination of traditional shops mixed in with new chic visit Ambar Tres. This shopping center is home to great jewelry stores selling rare amber and larimar. Souvenir shops carry the renowned Mama Juana. This is a unique product. It’s a liquid that’s said to cure everything. It’s made from spices, tree leaves and other ingredients. Rum is added for its distinct flavor.

Tip: Don’t miss a tour of the In-house museum. Its displays include Taino arts and crafts.

For a treat in Dominican Republic shopping, the Centro de los Heroes is a must. It offers duty-free shopping for everything from liqueur to designer handbags and jewelry.

Specialty shops
Dominican Republic shopping is also known for great arts and crafts. Paintings relating the history of Taino culture can be found at Altos del Chavon. This upscale section of La Romana is home to numerous galleries and Indian crafts shops. You can even find hand-made masks used in celebrations and carnivals throughout Dominican history.

With Dominican Republic shopping you’ll find a treasure or two.

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