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Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Sao Paulo Attractions

Sao Paulo features interesting historical landmarks as well as fascinating museums and many other attractions.  No matter what you choose to see you’ll have a wonderful time.  Be sure to take time driving throughout the city in order to see the majestic skyscrapers that make up the skyline.

The Museu do Ipiranga is the oldest museum in the city and among the most popular Sao Paulo attractions.  Visitors find its architecture alone worth the visit.  It was built in 1890 as celebration of the country’s Independence.  Years later it was converted into a fine museum.  Take ample time to view the astounding collections relating the history of the region.  And take a stroll around the landscaped gardens modeled after the lawns of the Palace of Versailles.

Art enthusiasts will also have a grand experience at the Museum of Art.  It’s not only one of the impressive Sao Paulo attractions but one of the best on Latin America.  It showcases the works of masters from the 13th century to present.  Among them you’ll find Rembrandt, Degas, Matisse, Goya and Rodin.  There’s a cinema and a restaurant on premises to take a rest.

But if you want to concentrate on regional and local art, the Pinoteca Del Estado is the ideal place to go.  It displays more than 5,000 works of sculpture, paintings and artifacts by renowned National artists.

A unique institution and at the top of Sao Paulo attractions is the Patio do Colegio.  Today it’s a frequented center for cultural activities while in the past it was a Jesuit school.  A sign of the different periods in history this outstanding venue marks the exact location where the city was founded. 

Tip:  Make sure and visit the Achieta Museum on premises where you can view original sculptures made by Guarani Indians. 

The Santa Fe Plaza is also on the list of Sao Paulo attractions that merit a visit.  It’s ideal for relaxing or enjoying a refreshing ice cream.  It’s also a great spot for cooling off under the shade trees and looking at the buildings that encompass its surroundings.  You’ll be amazed that they stand as they did in centuries past.  Among them is the Palace of Governors, St. Francis Cathedral and Loretto Chapel.  They all date to Spanish colonial times and present a breathtaking architectural design.  And if you’re in the area on a Saturday, stop by the Santa Fe Indian Market. 

In your quest to learn more of the city’s past, head out to Casa do Grito e Capila Imperiale.  This small but important house is located behind the Ipiranza Museum.  When you see it you’ll realize it’s an exact replica of the one on the famous painting “Independence or Death” by artist Pedro Americo.  It was originally built from clay and wood.  It’s a famous Sao Paulo attraction.  

Sao Paulo is home to lovely parks and greenery.  And at Ibirapuera Park you can take leisurely walks as well as see scenic lakes and explore through pavilions and plant nurseries. 


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