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Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Sao Paulo Dining

Sao Paulo is famous for its restaurants and amazing cuisine.  Because of the fact that Sao Paulo is home to people with many different ethnic backgrounds, you can find almost every nationality represented in the kitchens of the city’s best restaurants. 

For an elegant location for dining in Sao Paulo, you won’t want to miss Antiquarius.  It’s home to the best Portuguese food outside of Portugal.  You’ll find that the menu features signature dishes from across the Atlantic like the famed Cataplana.  This fish like stew is slowly cooked in tightly sealed copper pots.  The chef also offers a traditional recipe of shellfish baked in a clay pot.  And if you like fish, you’re in the right place.  The list of dishes prepared with cod is impressive.  Whatever you choose, make sure to pair it with one of the excellent wines in the cellar. 

Another truly sublime establishment for dining in Sao Paulo is the award winning Figueira Rubaiyat.  Figueira means fig tree.  And at this restaurant you’ll find that a gigantic fig tree is incorporated into the building’s structure.  It’s a site you don’t want to miss.  And when it comes to the food, the critics are right.  The specialty of the house is beef and you couldn’t get better meat elsewhere.  It comes directly from the owner’s cattle ranch.  But if you’re not a meat lover, you’ll find that the paella or prawns are savory options.  The chef also prepares a feijoada (bean stew) you won’t soon forget.  The establishment’s décor is cozy, contemporary and chic.  Try a glass of Salton Talento, named one of the top cabernet blends in Brazil.

Among the well liked eateries for dining in Sao Paulo is Carlota.  It’s owned and managed by Carlota who learned the fine art of cooking in New York.  She brought her knowledge and creativity as well as her Italian background to delight the people of Sao Paulo with astounding entrees.  Do try the shrimp with sesame seeds or the beef with port sauce.   If you like risottos, give the one with figs a try.  But for a special treat, don’t skip the ravioli stuffed with Brie.  Carlota’s boasts a romantic yet casual ambience.  You’ll love her friendly demeanor and the outstanding service.

If you’re in the mood for home style fare, Quinta do Moseu is perfect.  Don’t let the old fashion dining salon fool you.  Everything that comes out of the kitchen is divine.  But if you feel claustrophobic, dine beneath the stars.  Savor the seafood with pasta or the stews.  The garden has a special section for children to play.  And if you’re in the area on a Saturday, do stop in for tea and quiche. 

While you visit the city you’ll probably hear of Bolinha for dining in Sao Paulo.  It’s owned by a former taxi driver and has become an institution for authentic Brazilian gastronomy.  The feijoadas and smoked meats have become legendary.  You won’t find the décor something to write home about, but you’ll agree that the ambience is inviting.   



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