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Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Sao Paulo Overview

If you’re interested in visiting a city that’s as happening as Tokyo or New York and features a world-class fashion week and some the finest gastronomies from around the globe, then Sao Paulo is for you.  It’s comparable to Paris and Milan when it comes to shopping and it’s home to some outstanding cultural events.  

Sao Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil, is also the largest city in Latin America and among the most visited.  It’s the birthplace of samba music, the first theater performance in Brazil and one-of-a kind festivals.  The March for Jesus celebration for instance brings travelers from throughout the Americas and features bands, floats and large parades.  But at the top of the list for exciting events is Fashion Week.  It’s one of the most impressive fashion events and is in the same class as those in Europe. 

Culture is definitely a big part of the city’s life and attraction.  Residents and visitors are never at a loss for things to do.  In Sao Paulo, there are an array of venues offering classical music, opera, ballet and drama.  Keep in mind that the Symphony Orchestra boasts a reputation for being among the best in the world.

As a history or art enthusiast, you’ll marvel in the quality of exhibits at the museums and galleries.  The Museo do Arte to give you an example showcases works by Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Renoir to name but a few.   

This lovely metropolis is ideal for a visit any time.  The seasons are not that well defined but it’s sufficient to know that it’s hot during summer and cool during winter.  Bottom line is that it’s fun all year round.

If you’re a sports fanatic or traveling with one, you’ll find that Sao Paulo is mad about football.  It’s always a subject of discussion at bars and restaurants.  In fact, the country will be hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup, a big deal for football fans.  Sao Paulo is also the site for the Formula One Grand Prix and is home of Capoeira.  You might have seen this interesting martial art in movies.  It resembles dance moves and is done to the sounds of music.  Make sure to find time to watch a demonstration.

Sao Paulo is famous worldwide for its top quality beef.  Travelers will find superb churrascarias (grilling restaurants) throughout the city.  They’re so popular that people from all over the country drive hours to eat at one.  And with the diversity of immigrants living here, don’t be surprised if you find every type of cuisine represented.

Sao Paulo is blessed by white sandy beaches and lovely parks.  You’ll never feel as if you’re trapped in a big city.  Outdoor lovers can enjoy sunbathing and nature walks.    

And when it comes to shopping, Sao Paulo is a dream.  Fashionistas will be impressed by the number of designer labels found in upscale malls as well as by the array of jewelry and antiques shops. 

Come discover Brazil’s pride and joy. 



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