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Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Sao Paulo Shopping

Brazilians have a saying that if you can’t find something in Sao Paulo, it doesn’t exist.  Every neighborhood offers sublime Sao Paulo shopping opportunities.  If you’re looking to buy haute couture for instance, you’ll want to visit the boutiques along Jardins.  And at Libertade you can browse through stalls filled with Japanese items and purchase porcelain Buddhas, Bonsais and herbal teas.     

Shopping Centers
Of the top Sao Paulo shopping venues in the city, you’ll find that Higienopolis is a favorite.  This beautifully constructed complex features a Victorian style design consisting of glass and wrought-iron throughout.  You won’t see big department stores or large chains but an array of exquisite boutiques.  The mall offers shoppers a children’s playground a wonderful feature when traveling with little ones.   

And speaking of exclusive, Daslu is truly out of the ordinary for Sao Paulo shopping.  It’s so unique that shoppers have to arrive by car or by helicopter as there’s no walk-way.  You can imagine that it’s not the least expensive locale, but nevertheless it features fine quality retailers.

Another lovely establishment and a sought out spot for Sao Paulo shopping is Iguatemi.  You’ll want to get those walking shoes ready for browsing through the wide selection of European and Brazilian label boutiques.   

But if you’re sticking to a budget, Mercado das Pulgas is a wonderful place to buy clothing, crafts and a few antiques.  It’s not couture and you won’t see brand names, but you’ll be able to purchase most everything on your list. 

Specialty Shops
No matter what, don’t leave Sao Paulo without a visit to Arte Tribal.  This little gem of the retail scene stocks Brazilian native artifacts, jewelry, pottery, wood carvings and religious images. 

Tip:  See the section of handicrafts by natives from around the globe.  The largest collection displayed comes from Africa and includes musical instruments.

Daslu is known throughout Brazil as the best establishment to do all your Sao Paulo shopping.  It’s not really a department store as it’s referred to but a cornucopia for purchasing.  They have everything you can imagine.  To give you an idea, you can purchase décor items, jewelry, sporting equipment, clothing by designers from every corner of the globe and even cars.  And when you’re in need of a break, you can relax at a café or dine at any of the restaurants throughout. 

Ladies and gentlemen alike enjoy their encounter with O Boticario.  This chemist/aroma therapist utilizes flowers and herbs to create original fragrances you won’t find elsewhere.  There are lines of body products, shaving creams and make-up to choose from as well. 

While you’re in Sao Paulo, why not spoil yourself with a trinket; head out straight for Joalheria Esplanada.  You’ll be happy to have done so the minute you step in.  Its friendly staff will guide you through cases showing beautiful precious and semi-precious jewelry pieces.  For the past seventy years this establishment has been a favorite of models and celebrities.  Check out the necklaces paired with exquisite earrings. 



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