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Sarasota, Florida, USA

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Sarasota Attractions

There are much more than just beaches to check out as far as Sarasota attractions go. But for many people, the beaches are the main attraction. Below we've added some other things that you might also want to investigate while letting the sunburn cool down.

Ringling Brothers Circus
Sarasota may be a sunny and bright place best suited for the outdoors, but when considering Sarasota attractions, there is one indoor spot worth checking out and that’s the circus. Many years ago, John Ringling, one of the seven Ringling brothers, took the Barnum and Bailey Circus and merged it to form the Ringling Brothers Circus. After a few years he decided to make Sarasota the winter resting grounds for his famous troupe of clowns, fat ladies, strongmen, trapeze artists, dwarfs and circus freak employees. Today, the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art sits on a 66-acre plot of land in Sarasota Bay. One of the most unique Sarasota attractions, it is recognized as the official State Art Museum of Florida, and along with the world's largest miniature circus, it also features 21 galleries of European art to peruse.

It is said that there are more circus performers buried in Sarasota than perhaps anywhere else in the world. Where are they? Visit the museum and find out. It's rumored that the ghost of Mable Ringling still haunts the place.

Crowley Museum & Nature Center
For a more conventional (but yet nonetheless interesting) Sarasota attraction adventure, visit the Crowley Museum & Nature Center. This is a nature preserve and allows the viewer to take a look at some of Sarasota's pioneering history. The Center invites you to “enjoy the sights and sounds of native Florida,” and offers unique adventure tours and classes.

At this Sarasota attraction, the “Fossils for Kids” class offers information about the prehistoric past of Florida. At the end of the class, kids can even dig for fossils (take-home fossils are promised for everyone). Some other classes include “Florida's Creepy Crawlies – Bug Hunting”, “Medicinal and Edible Plant Tours”, and “Mammals 101,” where you can learn how to track, identify, and locate Florida wildlife.

Jungle Gardens
The Sarasota Jungle Gardens is one of the other top Sarasota attractions. It’s happens to be one of the oldest continuously operating attractions in the state of Florida. It features ten acres of lush tropical vegetation where you can meet face to face with free roaming flamencos and even some Florida crocodiles (but don’t get too close). It features bird and reptile shows twice a day, a tree house, tiger swings, slides, and even a custom wooden train for children to play on. It’s truly one Sarasota attraction that shouldn’t be missed!

You can’t forget about golf when discussing Sarasota attractions. With over 30 amazing golf courses to choose from, you won’t have any excuse not to tee off! If you’re looking for a truly fine 18-hole golf course experience, try the Legacy Golf Club, which was designed by golf legend, Arnold Palmer.
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