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Seville Dining

It would be difficult to visit Seville and not eat tapas. Like most Andalusian destinations, tapa is king of the culinary landscape. What many people do not realize is that "tapa" is not a culinary style or flavor profile; it's a portion size. Restaurants all across the city of Seville have their own interpretations and elaborations of tapa dishes. The key is in finding the good ones. But Seville offers much more than traditional Spanish dishes.

Located on one side of the Plaza de San Lorenzo, Eslava is taking signature, traditional Andalusian dishes and reinventing them. Gaining culinary inspiration from the classic neighborhood it resides in, Eslava is a perfect place to eat tapas, drink wine and take in the smells that Plaza de San Lorenzo has to offer.

Another great restaurant in Seville to enjoy tapas is Vineria San Telmo. Featuring an extensive tapas menu of starters, salads, cold dishes, egg dishes, homemade desserts and desert wine. San Telmo invented the rascocielo (skyscraper) tapa, an 'Empire State' of tomatoes, aubergine, goat's cheese and smoked salmon. Typically full of locals, Vineria San Telmo is an affordable option for some of the most delicious contemporary tapas in town.

If you've had too much tapas during your trip and are craving Italian, La Mia Tana is a casual spot in the Alfalfa neighborhood. Known for its great pizzas, pastas and fair prices, La Mia Tana is a delicious option for a relaxing night out.

Off the beaten path from traditional Spanish or Italian restaurants, Nikkei Bar successfully fuses Japanese, Latin American and Peruvian influences to entice even the pickiest of eaters. Dishes like broken potatoes, beef heart anticucho, dry beef soup and mixed ceviche are paired nicely with an inviting, renovated home decor.

Staying within the realm of fusion cooking, Resaurante Egana-Oriza offers upscale Basque-Andalusian cooking with modern flare. Set in a 1926 mansion, Oriza is a truly unique experience. The staff encourages you to choose the terroir, type of wine, and then the chef will customize your menu accordingly. The restaurant is known for sourcing excellent raw materials, and the ingredients fill the seasonal menu in the impressive dining room next to the Jardines de Murillo.


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