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Singapore, Singapore

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Singapore Attractions

In Singapore, you’ll have a great time shopping, dining and seeing all the Singapore attractions. You can visit breathtaking parks, go on an evening safari, or visit beautiful ancient temples and monuments. You can enjoy mountain biking, water-skiing on the Kallang River, or even a night at the theater. Singapore attractions offer both excitement and relaxation along with plenty of local culture.

No trip to Singapore is complete without a visit to one of the main Singapore attractions: Sentosa Island. It’s a premier island resort, just minutes away from the city where you can visit Underwater World, featuring an amazing display of the ocean’s marine life.

The Singapore Museum of History is a very interesting place, where you can learn about the gripping history of this part of the world, dating back from the 14th century up until today. The architecture of the museum in itself is an interesting feature, as it dates back to colonial times,1849.

The Singapore Museum of Art displays the work of artists from Singapore as well as works from artists in the South East region.

The Esplanade, though not a museum, is a great place for cultural events. With a new theater, concert hall and library, you’ll find something of interest. It’s one of the best Singapore attractions.

Temples and Monuments
Throughout Singapore, you’ll have the opportunity to see samples of colonial architecture, as well as styles from other periods of history. These, can be seen mostly in national parks and museums. If you take a stroll along the banks of the Singapore River you’ll see Neo-classical and Roman structures; the Raffles Hotel is a prime example. Singapore architecture is among the best Singapore attractions.

Don’t miss the Chinese and Japanese gardens off Yuan Ching Road, designed in classical Northern Chinese Imperial style. The monuments’ and buildings’ architecture is fascinating.

An interesting part of enjoying Singapore attractions is the fact that you can learn about the destinations’ history and its people. A visit to Chinatown will certainly enrich your experience. With its unique mix of architectures, you’ll enjoy touring the area, visiting tea houses, medical and herbal shops and night markets. A trip to the local herbalist will also be a unique treat; you’ll find remedies for preventing and curing all types of ailments; this is a big part of Chinese tradition.

Tip: Schedule to attend a tea ceremony; it’s a great way to learn about one of the oldest traditions in the Far East.

Visitors should not miss the different Singapore attractions’ tours to parks and gardens. The Singapore Botanical Gardens are a true expression of beauty and nature, boasting the most amazing and colorful National Orchid Garden. You’ll see species from around the globe as well as unique and endangered plants.

Take a boat tour on the Harbor and see ancient Chinese temples, among beautiful flora; or go an evening safari, to see 1,200 exotic animals in their habitat. You’ll agree that Singapore attractions are not just about interesting museums but also about breathtaking beauty.
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