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Sorrento, Italy

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Sorrento Attractions

Visitors have always traveled to this beautiful part of Italy for its majestic scenery. But in Sorrento, there’s also interesting architecture and history to be appreciated.

Museums and Culture
Accademia di Belle Arti has now become the Archaeological Museum of Sorrento. It’s housed inside an old palace completed in 1880. The building is a work of art in itself.

Museo Correale di Terranova is one of the interesting Sorrento attractions. Visitors can enjoy the displays of antiques and Italian art. It’s a great venue for learning “Intarsia.” This is an ancient method by which artifacts are made from incredibly thin slices of wood.
Don’t miss the Neapolitan exhibits.

Another must among Sorrento attractions is the Museuo Bottega de la Tarsialignea. You’ll learn everything about woodcarving and its development into a modern day craft.

Lovers of music will delight in the small and cozy Teatro Tasso. Its uniqueness lies in the number of celebrities that have graced its halls. Because of such it’s one of the most frequented Sorrento attractions.

The Borgo Medievale Caserta Vecchia used to be the seat of the Episcopal Church as well as a seat for nobility. Standing at the cuspid of an impressive summit it boasts magnificent vistas. Leading from this castle you’ll find narrow cobbled streets; they’re ideal for exploring. One of these paths will lead you to the Piazza del Vescovado with its handful of cafes. Everyone enjoys these Sorrento attractions.

Visitors who enjoy great architecture will marvel in Sedile Dominova. It’s an outstanding Sorrento attraction. The impressive building is a creation of the 1300s with a cupola dating to the 16th century. It’s possible to visit the interior salons and view furnishings from the different periods.

The Basilica di San Antonino stands as homage to the Patron Saint of sailors. It was built in the 10th century and was refurbished by the Theatine Fathers in the 17th century. A visit to the crypt holding the remains of Saint Anthony is a must.

The town’s Cathedral is truly the best among Sorrento attractions. Its 11th century design is a site not to be missed. See the bell tower which houses an antique ceramic clock. All walls display masterpieces of Neapolitan artists.

The church of San Francesco is another example of the magnificence of Italian construction. It’s located near a cloister dating back to the 14th century. The church boasts authentic styles from the Gothic as well as Renaissance periods. If you happen to visit Sorrento during the summer, you’ll enjoy a diversity of art exhibits as well as concerts. A walk through the gardens makes for an enjoyable afternoon. These have been designed by master landscapers. Their families have worked for palaces throughout Italy dating centuries back.

Another must among Sorrento attractions are the main streets of the Old Town. See the family-owned crafts shops or sit at a café.

Take a stroll through Roman villas or a small fishing village. Sorrento attractions are about history, tradition and breathtaking beauty.
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