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Sorrento, Italy

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Sorrento Shopping

Sorrento offers some great shopping and some very unique items you’ll only find here. From art and crafts to antiques and special fermented lemon drinks, you‘ll find plenty of interesting things to purchase and bring home.

You can’t visit Sorrento without sampling Limoncello. This delightful liqueur serves as a digestive after any meal. It’s made from lemons, but not just any kind. Sorrento lemons contribute to the special flavoring. They then add the right combination of sugar, water and alcohol.

Take a tour of the Sapori & Colori Limoncello Factory and sample this delicious nectar. You’ll also find hand-made ceramics with citrus motifs. You’ll have a great time enjoying your Sorrento shopping extravaganza.

Sorrento is ideal for Sorrento shopping. It’s the least expensive of the Amalfi towns. You’ll find genuine gemstones set in gold or platinum at places like Mario Palumbo. His creations are worn by movie actresses around the world.

The Onix House is another must for Sorrento shopping. It carries a nice selection of precious as well as semi-precious stones.

Unica located at the historical center of Sorrento is unlike any other jewelry store. Its gallery-like quality merits a visit. You’ll see a variety of antique pieces.

Arts and Crafts
A trip to Gargiulo & Jannuzzi is a must for all tourists engaging in Sorrento shopping. You can observe as skilled artisans create masterpieces of inlaid wood. They’ve been around since 1863 and boast the best reputation in the region. The furniture pieces are worth the trip; it’s like visiting a museum.

Tip: If you decide to buy something you can’t pack in your suitcase, ask to have it shipped to your home. They offer the service and sometimes at no extra cost.

Giallo Napoli is superb for Sorrento shopping and obtaining Italian style souvenirs. The oil and vinegar sets with olive or lemon motifs make wonderful gifts.

If you like the region’s woodwork, go to Gabrieli’s. His family has been creating quality and uniqueness for generations. The wooden Christmas ornaments are the ingenuity of a fourth generation of craftsmen.

Everyone who comes to the Amalfi Coast hears about Cuomo’s Lucky store. Its two stories are filled with excellent woodworks. There are small pieces like chess sets as well as ornate dining room sets.

If you’re looking for treasures, you’ve come to the right place. The shop of Teodoro Del Giudice is sublime for Sorrento shopping. Here you can find the right piece. His collection of century-old jewelry is astonishing. Best of all, he is always acquiring new items from estates throughout Europe and Asia.

Most ladies love cameos and in Italy they’re a symbol of elegance. On the Amalfi coast you’ll find Bimonte. This factory/boutique has been around a very long time. Observe how cameos are made and browse through coral and pearl jewelry. It’s a must in Sorrento shopping. A small gallery showcases antique pieces worn by Royalty and dignitaries.

Leather Goods
Italy is known for leather products and Sorrento shopping offers many opportunities for finding the right one for you. Weekly markets are filled with stalls selling buttery soft jackets and handbags at low prices. But if you’re looking for original designs, Nannini is a perfect choice.

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