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Stockholm, Sweden

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Stockholm Dining

With the number of rivers running through the city, Stockholm offers superb fish dining.  And for those who prefer beef, they’ll find the selection of meat restaurants quite impressive.  And given the influx of people who now call Stockholm their home, there are a large number of ethnic venues to choose from as well. 

An icon among Stockholm restaurants is the renowned Franska Matsalen.  Founded in 1874, this eatery is everything you’d imagine a restaurant form the 1800’s would look like.  It has elegance, style and old-world feel.  But it’s not all just about the décor.  The food is said to be some of the best you can experience when dining in Stockholm.  At the top of the specialty list are the turbot prepared in white wine and reindeer grilled with artichokes.  And if you manage to get a seat by the window, you’ll have excellent vistas of the Royal Palace. 

Another hard to beat option for fine dining in Stockholm is Berns, located inside the Berns Hotel.  Its main attraction is the shellfish bar featuring all sorts of crustaceans.  These can be prepared to your liking and with any sauce you choose.  The restaurant was once an old theater and still maintains the opulent décor that made it a most visited attraction.      

Tip:  The dessert menu is as amazing as the décor and the food.  Make sure to leave room for the chef’s signature cognac ice cream. 

Young talent is responsible for outstanding gastronomy at many of Stockholm restaurants.  At Fredsgatan 12, you’ll find that the menu is nothing short of creative.  The place is stylish and chic and normally crowded with government people.  They come for the Swedish and Asian fare, the excellent service and the relaxed atmosphere.  Everything that leaves out of the kitchen is just delicious but guests have a few favorites.  Among them are the chicken with eucalyptus and the lamb flavored with dill. 

Many restaurants have received special mentions and awards.  Edsbacka Krog obtained several of them.  You’ll understand why the moment you savor its fabulous Continental style cuisine.  It takes cues from traditional Swedish flavors and makes it pleasing to the most discriminating palate.  The wine list includes lesser known vineyards that feature excellent vintages. 

Bon Lloc claims to be the “in” place when it comes to dining in Stockholm.  It’s spacious, stylish and comfortable and offers great food.  The light colored wood shows a definite Spanish influence.  The menu is simple and offers Mediterranean style gastronomy including roasted ham and cod, two of the most popular items on the menu.  It’s usually crowded and there might be a wait for a table but it’s definitely worth it. 

No visitor should miss Marten Trotzig.  The locals frequent it for its famous ginger beer and sublime food.  The restaurant features international and Swedish fare at both expensive and affordable prices.  They have something for everyone in terms of taste and budget.  It’s ideal for dining in Stockholm.     

And if you’re looking for exotic flavors, PA & Co. is an excellent choice for dining in Stockholm.  The menu is centered on French and Thai specialties with a few Swedish originals.  The reindeer is tender and juicy.  It’s something you don’t want to miss. 



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