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Stockholm, Sweden

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Stockholm Overview

Stockholm is not only one of the most beautiful European capitals, it’s also tops the list as one of the most visited cities in the Nordic countries.  Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, is actually a grouping of fourteen islands connected by bridges.  Its amazing layout has awarded it the nickname “Venice of the North.”  A large percentage of its area is made of water and another significant section is comprised of parks.  Because of the abundance of nature, Stockholm enjoys some of the cleanest air in the European continent. 

And if that’s not enough to bring you to Stockholm, you must know that this captivating city includes breathtaking architecture, towers befitting fairy tales, more than one hundred museums, unparalleled shopping and world-class cuisine. 

Stockholm is still the best place for seeing palaces and buildings that date to the 13th century.  And Stockholm also offers one-of-a-kind modern structures like the Globe Arena –considered to be the largest sphere-shaped structure in the world. 

Despite its northern location, Stockholm enjoys a relatively moderate climate with warm and comfortable summers.  Daylight during those months lasts up to 16 hours, while winters are somewhat chilly and characterized by shorter days. 

In terms of culture, Stockholm reigns supreme.  It’s one the most museum populated cities around the globe.  Among them is the National Museum which houses the biggest collection of art dating all the way back to the 16th century.  Stockholm has even won accolades as the “European City of culture.”  It’s home to poets, novelists and Nobel Prize winners.  There’s even an open air museum known as Skansen.  It’s the first of its kind and features 150 historic buildings from centuries past.  It has become a popular attraction as hostesses in period costumes greet visitors.  Travelers can learn the lost arts of spinning and weaving.  

Stockholm also offers opera and drama performances at the Royal Theater.  It’s said to be one of Europe’s most renowned venues.  The city is never short of special events.  The jazz festival for instance attracts tourists who love music.  And the Stockholm Pride is the largest in the Nordic countries.  It takes place during the last week of July and features everything from parades to historical productions. 

Getting around Stockholm is fun.  The best way in which to enjoy the attractions is on foot.  There are also an array of inner-city boat lines, metro, buses and bicycle rental establishments. 

While touring Stockholm, visitors will come across unique icons like Drottningholm Royal Palace.  It’s a World Heritage Site and a spectacular example of 17th century design.  Finding these places makes for a most interesting sight seeing adventure. 

The city’s plethora of venues for dining is another feature that gives Stockholm its special allure.  Tourists will find that there are restaurants offering the freshest seafood as well as flavors from other cultures. 

And when it comes to shopping, Stockholm will impress.  It prides itself on having the finest glass art and talented fashion designers. 

Stockholm is the gem of the Nordic lands. 



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