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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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Sydney Shopping

No trip would be complete without a Sydney shopping spree. However, most travelers who visit Sydney forget to engage in this exciting activity, because they find so much to see and do. Don’t miss out: for great fashion, international names and local specialties, Sydney shopping is a top choice.

Major Malls
Sydney shopping has succumbed to peoples’ love of fabulous malls, and thus you’ll see many of these around town. Chifley Plaza for one is filled with Australian designers, gift shops and beauty stores. It is a fun place to find the latest in cosmetics and perfumes.

The Imperial Arcade, with over 60 stores, is a great place for Sydney shopping with a combination of fashion, fashion accessories and beauty shops. It boasts four stories of serious shopping in the heart of Pitt Street.

If you are in a mood to indulge in fine clothing, then MLC Center is for you. You will find the most beautiful clothes, shoes and handbags.

A must for any visitor is the Queen Victoria Building, with over 180 stores offering the best in continental and Australian fashion as well as unusual jewelry stores, house wares, antiques and a great selection of souvenirs. It’s truly a great selection of stores to do your Sydney shopping.

Many of the stores offer free services such as shoe shining or free delivery to your hotel. Sydney shopping is about fun and great service.

Luxury Boutiques
You can certainly find elegant boutiques with name labels or young new designs while Sydney shopping. However, among the best known are the boutiques in the North end of Oxford Street.

The streets of Newton and Enmore cater to young people and students, with small shops in large shopping malls.

Ladies can find great bargains at special stores around the city. Sydney shopping has never been so much fun and at places like Banks Town Clothing Warehouse, Berlei Clearance shop, and Black Lace you can find great fashion at affordable prices.

Gentleman will also benefit from great discount shops like Boyz II Men Direct Fashion, Bracks Apparel, Essential Man, Lido’s Ties and Men’s Avenue. These are great quality shops offering men’s fashion.

Don’t miss David Jones, another one on this list of bargains; it’s a favorite of locals, with international and national brands. It’s the oldest department store in the world.

Shopping however does not have to be just about apparel. Sydney is a fine location for specialty stores. Piccadilly for example, is a well-known destination for wedding needs. Brides from Asia and Europe come to do to their Sydney shopping for that special day.

Alice in Paperland is an incredible and fun place for artists. You’ll find great buys in paints, canvases, frames and more.

Famous people like Kate Hudson and Drew Barrymore will tell you that there is really no need to knit anymore. Just visit Champion Textiles and you’ll find everything you need to stay warm.

Whatever your needs or wants, in Sydney you’ll find something to please your taste.

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