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Tampa, Florida, USA

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Tampa Overview

Tampa is the jewel of Florida’s west coast and is known as a top tourist destination worldwide. Tampa’s pristine beaches contribute to the city’s beauty and with so many activities and attractions it is an ideal place to visit. The city’s lined with action packed theme parks, large malls and top rated museums. In Tampa, you will also find restaurants with superb food and great ambience.

Tampa, which means “sticks of fire,” derives its name from Calusa, the language of a Native American tribe that settled in today’s Tampa Bay. The city got off to a rough economic start, but that soon changed with the discovery of phosphate, a chemical that is essential to production of fertilizers. It brought instant growth and prosperity to this west coast Florida city. The railroad line reached Tampa soon thereafter, which was a positive influence for growth as it allowed other products to reach Tampa, and the first real tourist industry began. Today, Tampa is ranked as the 5th best outdoor city, and it’s a top retirement choice for all those snowbirds.

Among other things, Tampa boasts of some of the best sugar-sand beaches around. Or you can enjoy a trip down the Hillsborough River in a canoe, and discover Florida’s wildlife all around you. If parks are your thing, then visit Homosassa Springs State, where you’ll be able to admire over 34 kinds of fish as you walk beneath the “fish bowl spring.”

Tampa offers multitudes of options in entertainment for couples as well as families. Some of the best attractions include amazing theme parks like Busch Gardens Africa where adventure lovers can enjoy the thrill of rides like “Montu”, the world’s tallest and longest inverted rollercoaster. Any time of the year is great to visit Tampa and on a hot day, you can cool off at Adventure Island, a water theme park.

Outside incredible theme parks, Tampa offers many activities like sports fishing and jet skiing. If you’re not the outdoors type, no need to worry; the city also offers a rich culture milieu. It is home to great museums like the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Salvador Dali Museum, and many others that you will find extremely stimulating.

Getting from one major attraction to the next is rather simple given the city’s great bus system and the old fashioned street cars. These street cars are a bit slow, but they are air conditioned, so why hurry? There’s so much to see that you will enjoy every trip that you take in these timeless street cars.

One cannot talk about Tampa without mentioning its great sports franchises including teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a football team who won the Super Bowl against the Oakland Raiders and the Tampa NHL team, also a champion team that has won the Stanley Cup.

Tampa is an amazing city with natural beauty and continuous growth, a city that will enrich your travel experience. You’ll be overwhelmed by the wide selection of dining, shopping, and entertainment choices, not to mention the rich culture that lines its streets. It’s a city that you won’t forget anytime soon!

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