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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Toronto Overview

Toronto is a world-class city that attracts visitors from all corners of the earth because it offers all the luxuries of modern living at affordable rates.  It’s also a beautiful and well-kept city with plenty of parks and incredible attractions you won’t find anywhere else.  People are friendly and inviting and tourists from every nation are welcomed with open arms when they visit Toronto.

Toronto is located in the province of Ontario in southern Canada and shares a border with several northern U.S. states including Michigan and New York.  Toronto is also the biggest city in Canada with a core city population of 2.5 million people.  The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has over 5.5 million residents and is the fifth most populous area within North America.

Toronto is situated on Lake Ontario (one of the Great Lakes of North America) and due to its northern location, it experiences the full range of all four seasons.   Summers can be hot while spring and fall are mild.  Winter is cold with a significant amount of snowfall which attracts many visitors who enjoy skiing, snowboarding and winter sports.  These outdoor winter activities can be enjoyed right in some of Toronto’s best parks – there’s no need to travel out of the city.

Toronto is also home to huge international events like the annual Toronto Film Festival.   It’s not uncommon to spot some of Hollywood’s most famous stars shopping and dining in Toronto’s hot spots during the film festival which takes place each summer.

The Toronto skyline is well recognized by some of the iconic structures such as the CN Tower (which was until 2007 the tallest freestanding structure in the world) and the Skydome – a sports and entertainment stadium with a retractable roof.   Toronto features world-class sports teams in all the major leagues including the Toronto Raptors in the NBA, the Blue Jays in Major League Baseball, and the Maple Leafs in the NHL.  Sports lovers will have plenty to do on their next trip.

Toronto includes some great recreational parks and amusement parks such as the Exhibition Place, Ontario Place and the Harbor Front complex located on Lake Ontario.  In addition to lots of outdoor activities, these venues offer terrific shopping and dining all at affordable prices.  While prices in Toronto are comparable to most U.S. cities, the Canadian dollar is usually anywhere from 10%-30% weaker than the U.S. making for a great exchange rate and plenty of good buys.  Daily cross-border shopping sprees are common with residents from upstate New York. 

Toronto boasts three major universities and is a central hub for learning and global academic conferences.  With a strong emphasis on education, Toronto is also considered a very tolerant and ethnically diverse city.  Immigrant communities from every corner of the globe settle and prosper in Toronto.  Best of all, there’s a great opportunity for dining at some of the best multi-cultural restaurants in the world.  In short, those who love good eating will find a countless number of restaurants serving the best in international.

When planning your next trip abroad, consider Toronto as a world-class destination. 



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