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Townsville, Queensland, Australia

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Townsville Overview

Great Barrier Reef, as the name implies, contains the biggest coral reef and the most beautiful and vast array of marine life imaginable. It’s truly one of nature’s greatest wonders. With its composition of more than 3,000 reef systems and coral cays, it attracts visitors from around the globe who yearn to scuba dive its waters. The Reef also offers hundreds of tropical islands with magnificent beaches. It really is a paradise for relaxation, fine dining and unique shopping. But most of all, it’s a place to see nature at its best.

Great Barrier Reef extends almost 10,000 feet from near Bundabery up to past the tip of Cape York, running almost parallel to Queensland, a region lined with great coastal towns including Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton and other amazing spots, great towns from which to enjoy the Reef.

But rest assured that Great Barrier Reef is not just for experienced scuba divers; beginners can enjoy the calm and shallow waters found in certain parts of the Reef while the more experienced divers enjoy the deeper waters. All these amazing spots can be reached by boat or luxury cruises, offered on many of the islands.

Great Barrier Reef is an experience more than a destination. Dive into its pristine waters and witness marine nature’s awe. There are more than 400 types of corals, rays, sponges, giant clams, dolphins and over 1,500 species of the most amazing tropical fish; above the waters, you can see more than 200 species of birds, and over 20 varieties of reptiles. These waters are also a great place to spot humpback whales on their journey back from Antarctic, or the place to witness the beauty of some of the endangered species of our planet; among these are the sea cows and the large green turtles. Given the natural importance of this place, UNESCO has listed it as World Heritage.

Visitors can experience the beauty of the beaches while relaxing in luxurious resorts or enjoy the activities along the coastal cities and multiple islands around.

Fine dining is a characteristic of the area, with restaurants offering traditional Australian cuisine, regional Queensland gastronomy as well as international flavors. The regions’ cuisine is notorious for its fabulous seafood, including fish like red emperor, coral trout and nannygai; soft shell crab is another very popular item on menus. Regional Queensland is known for dishes created with products from Australia’s outback, like Kangaroo and Buffalo, spices like pepper leaf, lemon myrtle and wattle seed. Every day can be a new experience for you.

Visitors can enjoy great shopping areas along picturesque boardwalks or in small quaint towns. Brisbane for example, is a great place to find everything from the latest Australian fashion to gifts and souvenirs. Open markets offer crafts and pottery, unique jewelry as well as arts and collectibles.

Apart from shopping, visitors can explore beautiful national parks and botanical gardens, an array of galleries and museums or simply lay back and take in the beauty that is Great Barrier Reef.

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