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Valencia, Spain

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Valencia Attractions

Valencia’s tourism has increased throughout the last years given the popularity of its themed festivals, sports events and world-class attractions.  Visitors usually find that Valencia attractions have been kept secret for far too long. 

Historic and Religious Landmarks
When visiting the Valencia attractions, you’ll want to make sure to include the Basilica of the Virgin of the Less Fortunate on your trip.  It’s a lovely church completed in 1667 in honor of the city’s Patron Saint.  It’s connected to the Cathedral via a bridge that boasts beautiful Renaissance style.  The statue of the Virgin, however, is gothic in design.  Take time to observe the unique details of the altar. 

One of the most visited Valencia attractions is the Church of the Holy Grail.  The chalice which once held the blood of Christ is supposedly housed here.  Historians argue that this is not the original one.  However, many scholars maintain that because it was brought from another monastery in the 1400s it’s the real thing. 

While in the chapel of the Grail, stop in to see the rest of the Cathedral of Valencia.  It’s among the frequented Valencia attractions.  Its gothic architecture is impressive and majestic.  Construction began in 1262 but was not finished until 1702.  Prior to becoming a church of Roman Catholicism, it was a mosque.  Many tourists feel it’s one of the best Valencia attractions, where you can choose to walk up the 207 steps that lead to the tower known as el Miguelete.  Once up there, you’ll have astounding views of the city.  If you walk out through the Door of the Apostles, you’ll find a group of priests holding what are known as the oldest court hearings in Europe.  They’re designed to solve any problems relating to water.           

Architectural Marvels
Whatever you do, don’t miss the City of Arts and Sciences.  Not enough can be said of this Valencia attraction except that it’s beyond sublime.  Its futuristic design is a creation of Valencia born architect Santiago Calatrava.  The enormous complex spanning 350,000 square meters is divided into four sections: the Arts Center, the Science Museum, Ocean Park and Planetarium.  It’s hard to say which is more magnificent.  They all display incredible features.   
L’Oceanographic, for instance, is the biggest aquarium in the continent.  Its displays showcase marine creatures from different habitats.  And the Planetarium which is shaped like an eye offers outstanding shows.  You’ll need the day to see everything.

Valencia attractions are also popular because of their cultural allure.  The Museum of Fine Arts is a great place to learn about the city’s Golden Age of Art.  It’s also an excellent establishment to see the works of masters like Piano and Espinosa as well as the gallery dedicated to contemporary works. 

Casa Museo de Jose Beneliure is a studio which bears the artist’s name.  If you’re an art enthusiast, you’ll cherish the private collections of paintings by Sorolla, Degrain and other local talent.  The romantic garden is among the delightful Valencia attractions sought out for picnics. 


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