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Valencia, Spain

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Valencia Overview

What was once an industrial town is now considered a real gem among destinations.  Valencia sits on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, offering visitors unforgettable experiences and activities.  In Valencia, you can listen to a concert inside a futuristically designed building or see architectural landmarks dating from centuries past.  You can sit on the beach and soak up the rays and then walk a few steps to choose an eatery along the restaurant-filled promenade.    

Valencia is the third largest city of Spain and has always held a place of importance in the history of the country.  It was the city’s bankers who loaned the money for Christopher Columbus to make his voyage in 1492.  Valencia is where the first Bible in Spanish was printed.  And Valencia is said to be the home of the Holy Grail.  As you may recall, this is one of the most important symbols of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. 

Today Valencia is a vibrant city with features that attract tourists from every corner of the globe.  For instance, Valencia is the only European nation to have hosted the America’s Yacht Race and will do so again.  Valencia is home to the most astounding futuristic architecture ever designed.  We’re referring to the City of Arts and Sciences built by world famous Santiago Calatrava.  Its design alone will leave you mesmerized.  However, it’s also a fantastic venue housing an Arts Center, a science museum, the largest aquarium in the continent and a planetarium that will leave you star-struck. 

Valencia is there to welcome you any time of the year.  With its excellent climate you can enjoy warm summers and moderate winters.  And if it happens to rain, you can spend time at any of the outstanding museums.  You’ll get to see exquisite collections of art and have the chance to snack on Spanish tapas at a cafe. 

When visiting Valencia you’ll want to consider an extra suitcase.  That’s in case you fall in love with the malls and markets throughout town.  And it’s more than likely you will.  In Valencia, there’s much to buy.  You’ll want ceramics, embroideries and the internationally renowned Lladro porcelain.  But for this type of purchase you don’t have to worry as most venues will ship. 

Surely you’ve heard of the marvels of Spanish cuisine.  But Valencia’s gastronomy is in a category of its own.  Valencia is the birth place of Paella (saffron seasoned rice mixed with seafood, sausages, chicken or rabbit).  You can savor one each day and never repeat the same dish.  And while in Valencia you won’t want to miss the refreshing Horchata.  This milky like drink is made from tiger nuts and said to be the healthiest drink on the planet.  It’s naturally sweet and so good it can become addictive.

Another must see in Valencia is the Festival of Fallas.  This yearly tradition takes place in the month of March.  It’s a celebration where elaborate large figures made from cardboard and wood are paraded and finally burned to let go of bad luck.   
Valencia is another of Spain’s many treasures. 



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