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Vancouver Attractions

The IMAX Theater at Canada Place is located in downtown Vancouver and serves as the place to see your favorite new movies on a screen that trumps the size of those in ordinary movie theaters. With enhanced sound that brings movie characters to life, special scenes that are only available in IMAX theaters and stadium seating for extra comfort, so movie is reaching its potential unless watched here. If you are downtown with the family or even by yourself on a business trip and you have a couple hours to spend, head over here and see what the rave is all about.

The Vancouver Trolley Company is there for visitors to not only experience the thrill of the trolley ride itself, but to see everything else there is to do in Vancouver. The trolley will take you around the city showing you the highlights of the town in a safe and relaxing ride around the city. Even though it’s meant to show you how many fun things are available, you might actually find the ride itself just as fun as all the attractions it shows you.

Science World British Colombia is the absolute best place to go with a family of all ages. This museum will take you through all the mysteries of the world and give scientific explanation for them by utilizing interesting hands-on exhibits. With a variety of touring exhibits, the museum is always changing to keep bringing you back for more. You can easily spend a half or a whole day here exploring the many displays and taking plenty of family photographs to build up your albums.

The Van Dusen Botanical Garden is a 55-acre garden in the heart of Vancouver, which brings guests up close with the many species of plants that we don’t ordinarily see in our day-to-day traveling. The garden gives insight to visitors about plant varieties and the natural habitats in which they live. Come learn, take pictures, and enjoy the beautiful collection of foliage that lies within. Many people are concerned about our natural environment, so everyone should definitely take the time to first lean about how important it is to preserve the many species of plants that we have come to know and study.

The Capilano Suspension Bridge is a thrilling experience, being that it suspends you high in the air as it takes you through the rainforests of Vancouver. It provides you with a view and a perspective that you would otherwise not have from walking and driving around the ordinary roads. There are places to dine and shop while you visit to walk the planks of Vancouver’s first visitor attraction. You will also have the chance to learn about the First Nation’s culture, and watch weaving and beadwork performed by the skilled artisans. Come for a thrill, leave with some culture.
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