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Vancouver Dining

The Figmint Restaurant & Lounge is the perfect place for high quality European cuisine and wine, being the winner of the 2007 and 2008 Wine Spectator Awards of Excellence. The restaurant has a lounge, a middle room for social mingling and a dining room for ordering your meal. Make yourself at home at any of the three, and enjoy the evening. As a gift to their guests, they will validate your valet parking ticket to make the experience more pleasurable. They have great chefs, a clean and crisp environment and great food.
Frenchies Montreal Smoked Meat is a quick dining experience and a casual atmosphere, but the food is fantastic and locals love it. They have a variety of sandwiches, but are known for their smoked beef which is juicy and savory with a great sauce that will make your mouth pucker. Definitely check it out for some real, home cooked sandwiches that will leave satisfied.
Zesty Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and has a menu that is so extensive you may spend more time thinking of what to order than you will spend actually eating the food. They have all sorts of sandwiches, burgers, wings, omelets, salads, quesadillas and much more. Their food is consistently good and the service is great. It’s a place you’ll want to go back to more than once if you’re in town, and the locals feel the same way. The prices are great, and the portions will leave you full.
Inlets Bistro and Lounge has some of the freshest seafood around, and they do a great job at incorporating it into breakfast, lunch and dinner. With breakfast meals like their seafood omelet, which has shrimp, lobster and crab, and dinner meals like their pistachio and Dijon-crusted salmon, it’s the perfect place to eat for a reasonable price and get great quality food and a diverse menu.
The Great Han Mongolian BBQ brings together an Asian menu and your imagination. What’s great about this place is that you get to combine whatever ingredients you want, and they’ll cook it for you. You can make a healthy, vegetable-based dish, or throw in some red meat or seafood and your favorite sauces and have it cooked up by an experienced chef right before your eyes. A perfect place for small or large groups, come here for a fun and delicious dinner that lets you put your chef skills to the test.

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