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More Destinations in Vancouver

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Vancouver Overview

Vancouver is the city to visit if you like a mix of the downtown city life, but are also fascinated by a beautiful shoreline, rich history, tribal culture, great food and many thrills. Is that enough, or do you want more?

A trip to Vancouver is more than a quick getaway from home; visitors can check out a science museum and city an IMAX movie, or go on a high suspension bridge and see a real rainforest from the treetops to gain a unique environmental perspective. Enjoy food of the local culture, or go to many around-the-world style restaurants where a variety of foods are at your disposal at great quality and reasonable prices. If you haven’t booked your flight yet, now is your chance to do so. Whatever your reason for visiting Vancouver, you will be sure to leave with plenty to talk about, and even more to show for it.

Vancouver Hotels