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Vienna, Austria

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Vienna Attractions

The city of Vienna is an attraction in itself.  If you tour on foot or via one of the romantic horse-drawn carriages, you’ll pass magnificent architecture and scenic parks along the way. 

One of the most recognized Vienna attractions is Stephansdom.  It’s one of the most enchanting Gothic cathedrals that date to the 12th century.  Take time to walk inside and view the columns, the altar and perhaps listen to an organ repertoire.   

The Court Palace of Hofburg is another Vienna attraction you’ll want to visit.  It was once the home of Europe’s most powerful empire and features an impressive building.  It’s currently the site of important museums with exhibits you don’t want to miss. 

And while you’re riding around the famous Ringstrasse, you’ll come across the Parlament.  Stop and glance at the giant Corinthian entrance, its majestic wings and pavilions.   

Of the frequented Vienna attractions is the Kunsthistoriches Museum, which was designed and built at the end of the 19th century.  It’s considered the finest in the continent.  It’s home to the Habsburg family’s art collection and a gallery exhibiting the works of Rembrandt, Vermeer, Titian and Velazquez.  Guests can also view masterpieces by Breugel.  It’s such an amazing place you’ll want to see it more than once. 

Directly across the street is the Naturhistorisches Museum built in the same style as the prior museum.  If you’re interested in mineralogy, petrography, anthropology and history, you’ll find this establishment to be one of the unique Vienna attractions.

And no tour of the Vienna attractions would be complete without seeing the Lipizzaner Museum.  It’s one of the revered venues among locals and travelers alike.  It presents photographs, drawings and paintings that go as far as the 16th century of the world-renowned horses.  These were originally bred in Slovenia and Austria is now their permanent home.  Day after day they continue to delight crowds with astounding performances at the Spanish Riding School.  It’s one of the Vienna attractions you’ll have to plan to see in advance. 

Art enthusiasts make a point of going to the Secession Building distinguishable by its golden dome.  It was originally a gallery for the movement that bears its name and now displays superb works by Klimt, Otto Wagner and Schiele.  It’s a magnificent representation of non-traditional art. 

The magnificence of the Habsburg Empire is represented in Vienna attractions like the Schonbrun Palace.  It was built between 1696 and 1713 and was said to be the preferred residence of Maria Theresia of Austria.  Make time to visit the private bedrooms, the dining salons and the gardens.  

The Kaiser Apartments were also part of the wealth of the Habsburg Empire until 1918.  After that date they became the permanent offices of the country’s President.  The apartments are open to tourists and are among the top Vienna attractions.

Tip:  Don’t miss the bedrooms of Empress Elisabeth.  Their opulence and style usually draw crowds.  Sisi as she was fondly referred to is a beloved figure in the nation’s history. 


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