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Vienna, Austria

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Vienna Dining

When it comes to gastronomy, Vienna is at the top of the list.  It’s not only traditional, but varied as well, with lots of choices.  There’s something to satisfy every palate in Vienna.

The Gulaschmuseum is not just another restaurant with lavish decor in Vienna; it’s also an excellent choice for fine dining in Vienna.  It has been the recipient of numerous awards and enjoys the acclaim of locals who frequent it for its food.  The menu features fifteen varieties of goulash.  Apart from this delectable stew-like dish, the chef has created new entrees using old favorites.  Visitors enjoy the décor, particularly because of the extensive display of 19th century paintings.  And the wine list is among the most impressive in the city.  Try the horse meat or pork fillet goulash.  They’re both tender and very tasty.

But for an icon amidst the dining in Vienna scene, you don’t want to miss Plachutta.  It’s home of the Taflspitz (lean cuts of boiled beef).  It’s an experience.  The meat is served in broth in copper pots and brought to the table along with a number of side dishes.  These traditionally include mashed potatoes and apples, spinach with horseradish cream sauce and a chive cream mixed with bread.  The venue offers both indoor and outdoor seating, elegant table settings and an outstanding service.  Visitors also find that the prices are quite reasonable. 

In the basement of the town’s city hall, travelers and locals enjoy the Austrian Dinner Show Restaurant.  It features talented performers who dress in authentic costumes from different regions of the country.  Guests dine while watching a play.  Prior to the beginning of each scene, a different dish is served.  Before the first scene, diners start off with appetizers like smoked ham.  It’s followed by the main course, which is usually the venue’s signature Viennese rump steak.  And upon the finale, dessert is brought out.  It consists of a fluffy sweet soufflé.  It’s a most enjoyable way in which to enjoy an evening of dining in Vienna. 


To savor the delights of Viennese gastronomy, Old Vienna Tavern is sublime.  It has been around since 1877 and boasts a unique atmosphere.  You’ll agree that the selection of draft beers and select wines is outstanding.  You can opt for dining in the comfortable salon or outdoors under the chestnut trees.  The schnitzel is world famous, but you’ll definitely have to bring your appetite as the portions are enormous.  Once you eat here, you’ll find yourself telling everyone that it’s the right spot for dining in Vienna.   

And down deep into the cellars of a gothic building is the well-known Alter Rathauskeller.  Every room is decorated in a different style and allows for visitors to choose the ambience that suits them best.  You’ll find that the food is just as fabulous.  Everything from the stewed pork to the schnitzels is prepared to perfection. 

Rosenberger is ideal cafeteria style setting.  Everything is Viennese including the list of wines and beers.  It’s not a bad choice for dining in Vienna.



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