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Vienna, Austria

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Vienna Overview

When you visit Vienna, you’ll step into a world of old-world charm and Cinderella style balls.  Walk through beautiful parks dotted with colorful flowers and gilded statues or enjoy the sounds of a Waltz in a palace salon.  Take a horse-drawn carriage ride and see breathtaking architecture in the city and dine on the best cuisine in Europe and shop where monarchs did centuries ago.  What seems like a dream is real in Vienna.  This capital of Austria makes for an amazing vacation destination. 

In this city you’ll get the chance to visit palaces that were once the residences of the most powerful dynasties in history.  You can walk through every room and view personal furnishings, jewels and personal effects that belonged to monarchs from the past. 

If culture is what you seek, then Vienna is a great choice.  With all the theater, symphony orchestra, opera and classical music performances, you’ll need to stay an extra long time or plan for more visits to Vienna.  Several concerts are geared for tourists so that they can enjoy the highlights of woks by Mozart and Strauss.  And the best part is that many of these are presented amidst magnificent settings in palaces around Vienna. 

And in Vienna you too can be the prince or princess of the ball.  There are more than 200 balls per year with the Opera Ball being the most important of all.  They’re traditional and reminiscent of the elegance of yesterday’s Vienna.   

Vienna is also the home of the Spanish Riding School where audiences can enjoy the renowned Lipizzan stallions as they dance to the tunes of Viennese music. 
When strolling down the streets of Vienna, you can’t help but to marvel in the scenic beauty of its amazing parks and gardens where one is more magnificent than the other.  Many include monuments like the popular Stadt Park where the focus of attention is the statue of Johnann Strauss.  Or perhaps you prefer Prater Park which features a gigantic Ferris wheel from where you can enjoy superb vistas of Vienna.  And if you want majestic, Schonbrunn’s grounds feature 18th century landscaping that’s simply beyond spectacular. 

Vienna is not just magnificent for its attractions.  It boasts an outstanding cuisine.  Vienna is the birthplace of the Wiener Schnitzel (breaded veal, pan-fried in butter) and the Taflspitz (lean broiled beef).   And you can’t deny that Vienna has some of the best desserts ever created.  In Vienna, you can savor apple strudel, sweet pancakes and the famed sacher torte.  This last one’s recipe is a highly guarded secret.  One thing’s for sure; it’s a delectable chocolate torte.   

While you visit Vienna, you’ll want to shop.  You’ll find regal avenues lined with fashionable boutiques, chocolate shops and gourmet centers.  There are also unique establishments specializing in porcelain and crystal.  You can find markets by the banks of the lovely Danube River.  There you’ll have the opportunity to buy antiques and Austrian trinkets that will serve as mementos of your trip.

You’ll find that Vienna is a city that will live in your mind forever and you’ll have many thoughts about returning on another visit.



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