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Warsaw, Poland

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Warsaw Dining

No matter where you go in Warsaw, you’ll find superb food.  Visitors relish the fact that they can dine in exquisite surroundings or while people watching in the middle of the Old Town. 

A superb choice for dining in Warsaw is the famed Kom Restaurant.  It’s housed in an old town landmark and offers an up-beat atmosphere as well as a chic interior décor.  When you dine at Kom, you not only get outstanding cuisine but you receive a lesson in art and history.  Every item in the salon makes reference to an event or period in Poland’s history.  Guests are made to feel like monarchs with the personalized and attentive service.  You’ll also find that every item on the menu is named after a book or famous movie.  Among the favorite starters is “20,000 Leagues under the Sea,” which features octopus wrapped in rice paper and topped with citrus sauce.  To follow, you might want to try “How the West was won” if you’re a meat lover, or “Papillon,” consisting of pasta in a cream sauce with lobster. 

Tip:  “Fantasia” is a well-liked dessert.  It’s a decadent white chocolate mousse with a secret berry sauce – you’ll like its smooth creamy texture.

If you choose Fukier for dining in Warsaw, you’ll have a wonderful time.  It boasts an old world appeal and shows exquisite taste in its choice of antiques.  The prices are as upscale as the cooking but well worth it.  Begin with the game pate and order the veal chops.  They’re a clamored signature dish.    

Another excellent venue for dining in Warsaw is Cwaniak Warszawski.  It may be hard to pronounce, but every taxi driver in town knows how to get you there.  It’s very popular with locals as well as out-of-towners.  Take time to appreciate the retro design as well as the authentic Polish artifacts around the dining room.  Everything is placed just right without being overdone.  The chef takes pride in serving the best of Poland’s gastronomy for guests to remember their experience dining in Warsaw.  And he accomplishes his goal every time.  The list of appetizers is fabulous and showcases delicacies like herring in cream and sliced onions, buckwheat pancakes with smoked salmon or potato pancakes with sour cream.  It’s going to be a tough choice.  And when you see the array of main courses, you’ll wonder what to pick.  There’s pork knuckle, halibut in Hollandaise sauce and sirloin with beet roots just to name a few.  You can imagine what the dessert list is like.  It’s just as amazing. 

And if you want to see what the rave about pierogis (steamed or fried dough usually filled with potato or cheese) is all about, head out to Pierogarnia na Bednarskiej.  They have pierogis with all types of fillings like meat, vegetables, pork and fish.  For dessert, you won’t want to miss the ones with apple and topped with lightly sweet cream.  It’s an unusual but beloved establishment for dining in Warsaw. 



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