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Warsaw, Poland

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Warsaw Overview

Whether you had the chance to visit Warsaw years ago, or even if you have never been, you’ll hear that Warsaw has changed.  It’s been transformed into one of the most amazing and beautiful cities in Europe.  It has become the cultural center of Poland, its landmarks have been refurbished and its skyline now boasts outstanding contemporary architecture.  Poland’s capital offers a vibrant entertainment, dining and shopping scene just like any other cosmopolitan city.  While in Warsaw you can still visit historic sites and reminisce about the past.       

Warsaw is the capital of one of the most culturally rich countries in Europe.  It’s located on the banks of the Vistula River and gives vacationers the best of both worlds.  Tourists in Warsaw can enjoy all types of outdoor sports, horse-riding, bicycling, climbing and swimming. 

Warsaw is home to more than eighty parks each designed in different styles.  You won’t be able to see them all, but if you can don’t miss the Royal Baths Gardens.  They’re the most frequented as they’re filled with cascading waterfalls, sculptures, ponds, peacocks and pheasants that get to run around free. 

Warsaw is also home to more than thirty theaters.  If time is of the essence, you’ll want to visit the National Theater or the Grand Theater.  They were both built in the 1700s and are just beautiful.  Warsaw is host to important events to which people from around the globe attend.  Among these are the International Frederick Chopin Piano Competition, the Festivals of Old and Contemporary Music and the vocalists contest to name a few. 

Travelers can also enjoy the Warsaw opera, a world-class symphony orchestra and museums.  These have managed to preserve impressive collections despite the turbulent times in history.  The Carroll Porczynski Museum for example, showcases privately owned works by Rubens, Goya as well as innumerable others.  In Warsaw, out-of-towners can visit out-of-the ordinary establishments like the Caricature or Motorization museums.  The latter displays vehicles from the 1930s and a few that belonged to Elvis Presley. 

Warsaw has a modern transportation system.  You’ll find that the metro and trams run efficiently and allow for tourists to get around without difficulty.  It’s best, however, to take a stroll and see the beauty of the city.  Warsaw has often been compared to the “Phoenix that arose from the ashes.”  Walk through the reconstructed old town.  Go south and see breathtaking palaces. 

Make a stop at Powazki Cemetery to view the sculptures made by Polish artists from the 19th and 20th centuries.  See what used to be the Jewish ghetto and stop at the important monuments.  And if you’re in Warsaw during the summer months, make time to hear a piano concert at Lazienki Park.  These usually take place next to Chopin’s statue. 

Fulfill all your retail needs by spending the day at mega malls or browse through the windows of quaint boutiques.  In Warsaw you’ll find haute couture as well as authentic handicrafts.  Warsaw offers the new while maintaining the traditions of the old.

Warsaw is warm, friendly and an exciting place to visit. 



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