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Warsaw, Poland

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Warsaw Shopping

Warsaw has come a long way since its days as part of the communist Eastern Bloc.  Trendy clothing has replaced the dreary look of the past and beautiful boutiques have cropped up all throughout the city so that tourists can enjoy Warsaw shopping.

Shopping Centers
A great place to start your Warsaw shopping is the Arkadia mall.  If you can’t find here what you need, you never will.  The complex is 287,000 square meters of heavenly shops.  It boasts a reputation for being the biggest in central Europe.  You can literally “shop ‘till you drop,” but do wear comfortable shoes.  Visitors can’t wait for Marks & Spencer to open.  The minute the doors are unlocked they all flock to the different departments in the store.  This renowned English giant stocks every cosmetic name brand, fragrances, house décor and the latest in couture.  And its gourmet department is truly divine.  They carry everything from truffles to foie gras. 

Arkadia has seen the birth of new retailers like Lacoste, Gant, Tommy Hilfiger as well as chains like Zara.  There’s something for everyone and every taste as well as every budget.  Those who are always searching for the latest in technology will cherish browsing through the isles of Saturn.  It’s the Mecca for all your electronics.  But you don’t have to spend the entire day Warsaw shopping.  Take time to enjoy the eateries serving home-style cuisine and perhaps see a movie at the multi-plex. 

Another outstanding establishment to fulfill your Warsaw shopping aspirations is the Blue City Mall.  It’s been described as a “city within a city” so you can just imagine how big it is.  Its modern style design alone is worth seeing.  You can sit by the fountain centered beneath a glass dome.  It’s a magnificent site.  There are 224 merchants ready to make dreams come true.  You can buy haute couture at any of the boutiques, gourmet specialties at Piotrl Pawel or the Asian House and excellent wines at La Passion Du Vin.  To find the best reading materials, don’t miss the American Bookstore.  Walk over to the home design section for more Warsaw shopping and you’ll find thirty retailers selling home accessories.  However, not everyone in the family has to spend the day Warsaw shopping.  There are other means to entertain oneself while at the Blue City Mall.  There’s go-kart track racing and a skate park.  

Specialty Shops
If you’re looking for a specific item or hunting for collectible treasures while Warsaw shopping, make sure to stop at the Galeria Opera.  You’ll find lovely glass works, pottery from different regions of Poland, furnishings, interior decorative pieces and sculpture masterpieces by Polish artists. 

You won’t want to miss the Desa Unicum Galleries either for your Warsaw shopping.  The entire stock is dedicated to the different periods of the country’s history.  You can purchase paintings, porcelain and furnishings. 

Tip:  Make sure to look through the selection of elegant silverware.  There are different styles and some of them feature replicas of those sets used in palaces in Central Europe.   



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