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Zurich, Switzerland

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Zurich Dining

From exquisitely opulent to casual and relaxed, visitors can count on all types of dining in Zurich.  But if you want to splurge, Zurich is the right place.

Among the best restaurants for dining in Zurich is the famed Haus Zum Ruden.  This gothic style venue is located inside a 13th century guild house which is a very popular spot with out-of-towners.  Although quite opulent, it still offers intimate dining for those seeking a romantic ambience.  The main dining hall is decorated with hardwood ceilings and stone walls.  The chef places emphasis on the use of fresh market products and creates specialties like Scottish lamb with piquant mustard or grilled salmon.  It’s perhaps one of the most expensive in the city but well worth it.

Zunfthaus Zur Zimmerleuten is another excellent establishment.  The building was completed in 1708.  It’s not just a magnificent venue for dining in Zurich, but an architectural icon in Europe.  To go up to the main salon one must walk up a set of elegant baroque style stairs.  Once in the dining room you’re surrounded by a number of hunting trophies and large glass windows.  Everything on the menu is delicious, but among the favorites is the soup made with seafood from Lake Zurich and pike with poached cabbage. 

Tip:  The restaurant’s signature dish is Ratsherrentopf a traditional Swiss meal.  It comprises three types of meat prepared in butter sauce. 

And if you enjoy shopping, you won’t want to miss the Silk Spinner.  This trendy venue not only offers superb cuisine, but also the chance to buy exquisite fabrics prior to entering the main dining room.  The restaurant was started by an important silk importer, thus the name.
It’s beautifully ornamented with bouquets of flowers and fine china.  Everything is prepared with emphasis on detail and perfection.  The menu features a trio of soups which are served in small espresso cups.  You’ll find that the elaborate salads complement the main entrees.  Ravioli with ricotta cheese and beef stroganoff are among the well-liked choices. 

The Veltliner Keller has been around since 1551.  Before then it was nothing more than a large wine cellar.  Its old interior is carved from arve a tree only found in Switzerland.  This delightful eatery features a list of local specialties perfect for dining in Zurich.  The most popular are the chopped veal and of course, Veltliner, pot a macaroni and beef casserole. 

If you’re in the mood for other than Swiss gastronomy, Toscano is a fine option.  It’s such a delight that locals frequent it for dinner or for drinks after work.  It’s casual and relaxed, yet stylish.  Try the different types of carpaccio or the mussels in white wine. 

And if you’re looking for authentic Swiss entertainment while dining in Zurich, the Edelweiss is a great place.  The portions are hearty, the prices are reasonable and the ambience is like something out of a picturesque fairy tale.  Waiters are dressed in costumes and yodel to the tunes of folkloric songs. 



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