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Zurich, Switzerland

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Zurich Overview

Zurich may be known as a banking center, but there’s a lot more to do there than just banking – you’ll want to visit and see for yourself.  This amazing Swiss city is a strong cultural center with over 50 museums, galleries, auction houses, theaters and opera houses.  It boasts a wealth of well preserved architectural icons and magnificent historical sites.  It’s the ideal destination for shopping if you’re looking for everything from exquisite chocolates to fine clothing. 

Zurich is the largest city of Switzerland and sits at the end of the Lake of Zurich, with elevations to the south and towards the Alps.  Zurich’s oldest section lies on both sides of the River Limmat boasting beautiful pedestrian streets featuring an array of guild houses, scores of boutiques, antique shops, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs. 

The climate of Zurich offers all four seasons with warm summers, cold winters and moderate springs and falls.  With activities all year, round visitors don’t have to worry about the timing of their trip.   

And although Zurich is known for its elegant avenues and luxury shopping, it’s not just for the wealthy.  Zurich offers shopping, dining and accommodation opportunities for every budget. 

Zurich has also come to be known as “the cultural capital” of the country.  Apart from world’s best museums and a cornucopia of galleries, Zurich’s attractions reflect a rich artistic and historic heritage.  The old churches of Grossmunstre and Fraumunster for instance display lovely stained glass windows designed by the genius of Marc Chagall.  Zurich is also home to the famous Schaupielhaus, known for keeping German theater alive during the days of World War II. 

Whenever travelers come to Zurich, they can count on all types of events and celebrations.  Among them is the International Theater Festival which is one of Europe’s most important.  And at the Zurcher Opernhaus (the main opera house), Switzerland’s financial and social elite come to meet for the city’s yearly Ball. 

But if you’re looking for action packed entertainment, Zurich’s nightlife will not disappoint.  It’s vibrant and sometimes wild, with Brazilian bars, hip hop clubs, discos and even smoked-filled cabarets. 
Sports fans will not be disappointed either.  There are a number of football and hockey games as well as athletic competitions.  There’s something for everyone. 

Zurich makes dining a pleasure and an experience.  Visitors will find that most fine restaurants are housed in historic guild houses, wine cellars dating centuries back or other unique venues.  Signature Swiss dishes include fresh organic produce, seafood from the lake and heart warming casseroles.  One of the classics is the famed Veltliner pot made with macaroni, beef and liver.  But if you’re traveling on a budget, Zurich also offers excellent bistros at affordable prices.  These are known for their traditional specialties like  Ratsherrentopf which consists of three types of beef slowly prepared in butter sauce. 

And when it comes to shopping, Zurich is impressive.  You can buy the best chocolates worldwide, embroideries, linens, wooden toys, hand-painted dishes and of course the finest time pieces on the planet. 

Zurich is a time revered destination. 



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