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Zurich, Switzerland

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Zurich Shopping

Zurich shopping is not just for the very rich.  There’s something for every taste and every budget.  And if you want traditional Swiss gifts, you’ll want to look for chocolates, cuckoo clocks, hand painted china, Swiss army knifes and embroideries.  For less expensive items, you’ll want to go to Augustinergasse where scores of boutiques offer exquisite merchandise at excellent prices. 

Markets, Malls and Large Department Stores
Zurich shopping is not known for its large shopping malls, but you can still find a few conveniently located on the subway line.  The biggest one is Shopville which offers and array of small stores that stay open until 8:00 p.m. 

But if you prefer large department stores, you’ll have a great time Zurich shopping at Jelmoli the most popular of all.  They say the food court alone makes it worth the visit. 

And at Globus Department store, you can browse through five stories of fabulous things ranging from perfumes and cosmetics to toys and trendy couture. 

If you’re a bargain shopper however, the Helvetiaplatz is the ideal place for Zurich shopping.  Everything from hand crafted plates to souvenirs is sold cheaper than anywhere else. 

Antiques enthusiasts will find the kind of treasures they desire at Rosenhof.  The number of stalls offering quality and authenticity is simply impressive.  They also carry a nice stock of artistic crafts.

For those who love haggling at a flea market, the weekend Burkliplatz is perfect for Zurich shopping.  It’s open every weekend come rain or shine and boasts the largest selection of handicrafts, cuckoo clocks, linens, toys, clothing and jewelry.  You can even purchase a bouquet of colorful blooms. 

Specialty Shops
You’re not serious about Zurich shopping unless you pay a visit to Confiserie Sprungli.  It’s the oldest pastry shop in the country and the most renowned chocolatier.  It’s also the home and only place where you can purchase the Luxemburgerli biscuit.  It was here where women were first allowed to drink coffee in public.  And with over 50 varieties of chocolate, you won’t want to leave.

Don’t let the weather stop you from Zurich shopping.  If it starts to rain or the sun is too strong, La Parapluie has a selection of weather wear including umbrellas and parasols.  This small boutique dates to the 19th century and boasts a lovely interior décor. 

And you obviously don’t want to go back without a traditional cuckoo clock.  At Uhren Bijouterie you’ll find all styles and sizes.  The store has an excellent reputation world wide.

If money is no object, you can walk the famous Bahnhofstrasse.  You   won’t only find designer names like Chanel and Armani, but you’ll see the most exclusive jewelry stores in Europe.  They specialize in quality time pieces with names like Rolex, Cartier and Omega to name a few.  Don’t be surprised if you’re greeted by a doorman wearing white gloves and you’re invited to have a glass of champagne while you try on a watch of your liking.  Zurich shopping is style and elegance.   



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