Starting in January, you will have 15 minutes,
Monday - Friday for 2 weeks to buy any hotel for $1 per night.
You won’t know which 15 minutes you will be able to put those dollar bills to use, so sign up for our email hints to get ahead of the game.
Of course there are some conditions to qualify:
  • 1 reservation for 1 room per person during entire campaign
  • To qualify the booking must be made online through www.LastMinuteTravel.com
  • The booking must be completed within the 15 minute time frame
  • LastMinuteTravel.com reserves the right to end the campaign at any time
  • Enjoy reading the terms & conditions? read them all here

All hotels are going Undercover on
LastMinuteTravel.com before February.
By keeping the name of the hotel quiet
until after you book, we are able to
dramatically drop the rates across
our 15,000 hotels - so you can now
get even better last minute prices…in


Uncensored Series Clip
Uncensored Series Clip
The 5 Episodes
Censored Series Clip

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