Last Minute Travel Support

We're here to help you 24/7

We're here to help you 24/7

We're here to help you 24/7
We’re happy to help!

To book any of your travel needs to contact our travel experts at +1-844-203-1744.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Contact the Data Protection Officer by email at
If you have found a data breach, please report it here


Why have I not received a confirmation email?

  • If you have booked a Standby Hotel, you should receive an email within 48 hours of completing your booking. If you did not book a Standby Hotel and have not received a confirmation email for a different type of booking, please open a support ticket or contact our support team by phone at +1-844-203-1744.

  • Why am I receiving a message saying that my billing information is invalid?

    If you are receiving this message, please contact your bank.


What is your cancelation policy?

  • Unless noted otherwise on our website, all hotels - with the exception of all Disney hotels and hotels in US National Parks - follow this policy:

    Change or cancellation requests received by our customer support team 3 days prior to noon on the date of check-in will be subject to 1 night's fee.

    Change or cancellation requests received by our customer support team 1 day prior to noon on the date of check-in will receive no refund.

  • How can I make changes to my hotel reservation?

    To request a hotel reservation change, please open a support ticket or call +1-844-203-1744.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and JCB.

  • Is my card charged at the time of booking?

    If the room shows as "available" your card will be charged the total price listed under "Reservation details". If you have booked a room at a "Standby Hotel" then your card is not charged until it is confirmed.

  • What does "Standby Hotel" mean?

    The "Standby Hotel" booking status means that our allotment of rooms at that hotel may have sold out and that our customer support representatives are negotiating with the hotel on your behalf in order to secure the room and rate that you have requested. During this process, your credit card will not be charged. You will, however, receive a reservation number for status identification purposes.

    Within 48 hours, you should receive an email with a status update, which will state whether or not your request has been confirmed or denied. If it has been confirmed, your credit card will be charged. If you do not receive an update after 48 hours, or if your requested check-in is within the following 24 hours, please call please open a support ticket or call +1-844-203-1744.

  • Can I hold a room without paying for it?

    We are unable to hold rooms without payment.

  • Why can't I book just 1 night?

    Some hotels require a minimum stay that is greater than one night. If you can't easily find a room for one night's stay, please open a support ticket or call +1-844-203-1744 so we can help you find what you are looking for.

  • Why can't I pick a room type on some hotels?

    The room types shown in your search results are based on what is available for the dates you selected.

  • Is my reservation confirmed with the hotel immediately after I book it?

    Yes. Your booking is confirmed and guaranteed, although you may not be assigned to an actual room until you check in.

  • I need a room for 2 adults and 3 children. How many rooms do I need to book?

    Hotel rooms often cannot accommodate more than 4 people. The results/rooms shown on the search results page are what the hotel can accommodate for the party you searched for. If you find that you still need a bigger space, our Vacation Homes might be a good option.

  • What size bed(s) will I get?

    You can request specific bedding types under the room preferences on the "Traveler Information" page. Suppliers will try to accommodate your request, but because availability varies, your request cannot be guaranteed. The default bedding is generally a double bed.

  • I booked within 24 to 48 hours, is it confirmed? Is my booking confirmed if my check-in date is within 24-48 hours of booking?

    If your check-in date is within 24 to 48 hours of booking, please call +1-844-203-1744 prior to check-in.

3D Secure Payment

  • What is 3D Secure?

    3D Secure is a protocol to add a layer of online security for credit and debit card transactions. This protects the user (you) and the company (us) from fraud. .

  • How does 3D Secure work?

    3D Secure verifies the cardholder. You may be prompted to create a password unique to you and answer personal questions to make sure you are the only one using the credit or debit card. If you have never made an online payment using 3D secure, you will be redirected to your credit card or bank’s webpage. .

  • How should I choose my password?

    The password you choose should be unique and hard to guess. We suggest a combination of letters, numbers, and characters with a minimum of 8 charactersin length. The longer the password the better. Never use words associated with you like names, birthdays, pet names, etc. .

  • What if I can’t remember my password?

    If you can’t remember the password for 3D Secure, there will be an option to select “Forgot Password” or “Retrieve Password. You can also contact your bank. .

  • Can I still pay without using 3D Secure?

    No. 3D Secure is a security measure for both the cardholder and for us. It is vital for online security reasons. .

  • How will I know my booking went through?

    Once you enter your correct security code and your payment is accepted, you will be brought to a confirmation page letting you know that your booking is complete.