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You Have Questions, We Have Answers

  • What are the benefits of becoming a Club member?
    Club members have exclusive, no strings attached access to member-only discounts, savings of up to 65% on hotel bookings, and personalized and targeted offers sent straight to your inbox.
  • How do I become a Club member?
    Becoming a Club member is a short, two step process. Sign up here.
  • For how long is a membership valid?
    It is a yearly membership that can be renewed or canceled at any point.
  • What is the "Guaranteed Savings" program?
    Your savings will be updated immediately after each booking. If you cancel a reservation, Last Minute Travel Club will reduce this amount from your total savings. You may check your account at any time to see how much you have saved. If you have not saved what you spent to become a member by the time your Club membership expires, we will send you a promo code to make up the difference.
  • My Club membership has expired but I have not used my Guaranteed Savings promo code. What do I do?
    If your membership has expired and you have not yet used your Guaranteed Savings promo code, all you have to do is renew your membership and your promo code will be valid once again.
  • What are Triple Dip points?
    Triple Dip points are points you can earn with every hotel booking you make as a Last Minute Travel Club member. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can book a hotel stay for free!
  • How can I earn Triple Dip points?
    Once you become a Last Minute Travel Club member, you will earn points for every dollar spent on hotel bookings. The points in your account will be pending until up to 48 hours after you check-in to your hotel.
  • How many points do I earn for each booking?
    The amount of points you earn is dependent on how much you spend. The amount of points you can earn is mentioned on the hotel details page next to the room type or in the checkout page.
  • Can I earn Triple Dip points regardless of what hotel I book?
    Yes. You earn points for every single booking.
  • Once I have enough points to book a hotel, are there certain hotels that can or cannot be booked?
    As long as you have enough Triple Dip points, you can book whichever hotel you please!
  • I used to have Triple Dip points on the old Last Minute Travel Club ( Do I still have them?
    Yes, you should still have them in your account. You can check your balance here.
  • I think there is a mistake in my Triple Dip balance. How can I look into this?
    Please contact our support team here.
  • Can I pay partially with Triple Dip points?
    No, you must pay entirely with points or with credit card. You cannot split the payment.
  • Do my Triple Dip points expire after I renew my membership?
    Once your membership has expired, your points will be saved for up to 6 months. If you choose to renew your membership after the 6 month mark, you will have to start accumulating points from the beginning.
  • Where can I find my Triple Dip points balance?
    You can find your Triple Dip points balance in the membership tab of My Account.
  • If I am not sure how many more points I need in order to book a hotel, where can I find this information?
    You will find the amount of points you need in order to complete a booking for a specific hotel on the check out page.
  • Can I earn Triple Dip points if I am not a Last Minute Travel Club member?
    No, you must be a Last Minute Travel Club member in order to be eligible for the Triple Dip Loyalty program.
  • What exactly is covered when I book a hotel with my Triple Dip points?
    The entire cost of the hotel is included. However, some hotels have an additional resort fee that would not be covered. This information would be located on the hotel details page where you select the room that you want to book.
  • Can I book a hotel with my Triple Dip points over the phone as well as online?
    Yes, you can!

For any other questions, please visit our support page.

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Terms & Conditions

Your Certification by Last Minute Travel Club as a Member.

You will become an active Member of the Program (“Member”) immediately upon (i) Last Minute Travel Club’s certification of you as a Member of the Program (“Membership”), and (ii) Last Minute Travel Club’s receipt and collection of your Membership Fees. Last Minute Travel Club’s certification requirement may include, but Last Minute Travel is not limited to, receipt of a completed enrollment application from you. If your Membership is not certified, Last Minute Travel Club will refund your Membership Fees. As a Member, you may be eligible for special, exclusive travel opportunities and prices negotiated exclusively for Last Minute Travel Club and certain travel industry and non-travel industry perks and benefits offered by Last Minute Travel Club from time to time. Last Minute Travel Club may determine eligibility for such opportunities and perks and benefits in its sole discretion. As a Member, you will also enjoy the following benefits:

  1. The “Guaranteed Savings” Program: If, by the end of your membership, the amount you have saved through your membership is less than the membership fee that you paid, Last Minute Travel Club will provide you with a Saving Promo Code to make up the difference. At the end of the membership period, Last Minute Travel Club will calculate your total savings during specifically the membership period for which you enrolled, and each membership period shall be treated as a standalone calculation. Learn More